Meeting of IF Metal and Pang Da in Frankfurt

Pang Qinghua, the "old Pang"
Pang Qinghua, the "old Pang"

Yesterday Stefan Löfven and Hakan Skött from the IF Metal union met the CEO of Pang Da at the IAA Auto Show in Frankfurt. Pang Quinghua, head of China's largest car dealer, told his union men his plans for Saab. Shortly before Löfven and Skött flew back to Sweden, they gave a brief statement to the TT news agency.

Löfven “has no doubt that Youngman and Pang Da want to invest long-term and seriously in Saab. Both (investors) have big goals ”. He went on to say “..I feel that Pang Da and Youngman believe they have an obligation. The first is that Saab survives, the second that Saab is successful ”.

Hakan Scött looks the same. He also has a good feeling, but does not want to give internal Deatils to the press. Löfven sees the market in China as a great opportunity for Saab. Especially as the sales channels for our car manufacturer from Trollhättan will be much better in the future. In the future, instead of GM partners, Saab will be distributed by Pang Da's almost 1000 dealers. In the beginning, Pang Da will only provide a small network for Saab, but the possibilities are there.

Next week is - once again - a decision week. The chances for our traditional Swedish brand have brightened noticeably in the past few days….

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  • If that happens it would be a great thing.

  • Good news ... I am hopeful again.

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