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Update: 14: 36

Next week, or the next 10 days, will be exciting for Saab. Because we have a tight schedule. On Monday, the Court of Appeals in Gothenburg wants to decide on the reconstruction application. If a positive decision comes from there, then Saab could flee under state protection over the next week.

If the court decides against it, Victor Muller will go to the next instance. Because on 26.09/26.09 the bankruptcy filings of the unions are being negotiated and that could be tight. When it comes to that, because also on September 70th, the € 70 million from Lotus Youngman should be in the accounts. Saab would be liquid and could pay the salaries. The union's bankruptcy petition would be invalid. The € XNUMX million would be enough to survive with "water and bread", according to Victor Muller, until the Chinese entered the market.

Yesterday a new word not heard before came up. It came from Lotus Youngman and is called "lapel reconstruction". So this is what it is all about. Youngman stands by investing in Saab Automobile. However, if the entry is delayed due to time factors, you can apply for a subsequent reconstruction and implement it despite bankruptcy proceedings. New territory for me, but it shows that the Chinese are fully behind Saab.

A side note from Germany, or Aschaffenburg, where Takata Petri sits. Today, the steering wheel manufacturer has filed a bankruptcy petition against Saab with its daughters in Poland and Romania. It's about 1.9 million €. In principle irrelevant, since it does not change the current situation.

A press release from IF Metal union is just fluttering into my mailbox. At 20.09, 14: 00 will face bankruptcy petition against Saab Automobile, writes the union. If the appeal court decides negatively on Monday, that would be the logical way. But, according to the union, Saab deserves a fair chance and it's a positive decision.

Finally, let's take a look at the share. In Amsterdam, “Swedish Automobile” is quoted around 0,99 cents and is unsure whether or not to take the € 1 hurdle. Anyone who bought at the absolute low of 0,35 cents has made a good cut. If he kept his nerve. 😉

So, enough business news for this week, the weather is too fine. Tomorrow and on Sunday there will be purely “Saabige” topics.

Have a good weekend.

Keep on Saabing and take care!


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    Thanks for the tip, make me amnn Monday at the DB smart.
    I do not want to enrich myself with Saab now, but
    now you should have it, after all, we have Saab
    Cars, that's about as a second wedding, let
    marry us with stocks.And should expect, contrary to Saab
    die, then I have 3 Saabis in the Hf and few stocks for the
    Wall. Have fun, I report

    • blank

      Unfortunately, you do not get any physical shares, you only buy them virtually at the present time and they are placed directly in your portfolio. Has been the case with me anyway.


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    I can not remember ever looking for BMW. Is strange. I only get BMW and mini-advertising, nothing else as far as cars are concerned. Oh yes, I also get visas to Russia

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      Actually, Volvo advertising should appear here, Google would be logical. I have received visas for China.

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    Google displays the advertising appropriately (which Google sees as appropriate) after the last search terms. I get BMW advertising….

    Who gets Opel advertising ... 🙂 🙂

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      I swear I never looked for Opel. But I once made derogatory comments about Opel on this blog. Probably that will also be analyzed and that is now the revenge of Opel Marketing ... They want to wear me down ...

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    Community and professionals, how can a mortal fastest and
    to buy the most secure Saab shares? Please few tips, links etc, many
    Thanks and greetings from Frankfurt

    • blank

      You need the security number:

      WKN: NL0009816248 - ISIN: NL0009816248

      and let your bank buy the stock for you, put it in your portfolio (if you have one)

      Or you open your own trade account - but only worth it if you have a lot of shares 😉

      But beware: Stock buying is speculative and has risks and side effects!

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        Thanks Tom

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    Is strange, I get only BMW advertising that it is annoying. Am I a different target group or is this technically possible?

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    tststs, does Opel really have to position its advertising messages in this blog? They should analyze their target group again….
    Nice WE

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    What is an allegedly possible reverse reconstruction now?

    I actually find the hint from the Chinese side regarding possible further delay as almost unreasonable - the plan to join SAAB-Atomobile was made months ago and everyone involved was aware of the company's financially strained situation ...

    As far as I know, certain values ​​are monetized in bankruptcy proceedings - so you will certainly no longer find SAAB complete. With the best will in the world, I can't make up any sense of this kind of reconstruction. What do the insiders at SAAB in Trollhättan say about it? Would be really interesting.


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    Hi Tom,

    I bought at 0,55 and did not intend to resell it directly because I believe in Saab's protracted future. If the price after successful launch of the new 9-3 at 10 € I will repel me and I'm well on the profit what a new Saab order 🙂

    PS: until then, yes, then probably my 9-5 SC XWD 2.0T Aero gehirsched been longer in my garage.

    Griffin up

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