Saab location China: Pang Da warns of depreciation

It would be nice to finally be able to write something positive about Saab and Trollhättan. But the good news is missing. At least until now. Pang Da, the Saab trading partner and investor from China certainly does not bring good news.

So far, the Chinese have invested € 45 million in Saab, or have ordered 2.512 cars with it. Autonews reports that Pang Da`s warned investors that the sum could be lost. Apparently, belief in a good outcome is also disappearing in China.

For here and now, too, the mood of readers and traders seems to be heading south. Today is the top day of negative letters, from canceled or canceled orders to traders who close down or close down.

I'm currently missing the arguments against it, because I can understand the frustration, grief and disappointment in every single e-mail. People, what I can say is just one. We lasted very, very long and the next days will bring the decision. There are no more excuses and promises and we will see a clear situation anyway.

Everyone who wants to throw the famous shotgun in the dust should bring some patience. At least a few days at least.


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    Both Joachims have usually hit the bull's eye with their descriptions - if Joachim from Kiel's point of view regarding the judges also ends in a positive way, the rescue would actually have progressed very far.

    Otherwise, the child would not have fallen into the well - it would then only be much more strenuous for everyone involved (as is well known, it does not go well with clubs between the legs).

    In the event of a negative outcome in court, there will probably be another good solution - either with or without the Chinese. After all, SAAB is not “windfall” !!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

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      Since you are right Detlef, but who should please sell the 80-100.000 units SAAB needs, if there are no more dealers?
      So if something doesn't happen quickly it will be more and more expensive and difficult for SAAB to start again ...
      So hope until Wednesday and then let's go ...

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        This seems like a huge exaggeration - as far as I know, few traders have actually dropped out.

        The report on the new dealer who wants to include SAAB in its product range speaks volumes. This businessman is certainly not alone in his grandiose view of things - SAAB is simply not written off (even if the attempt in court should fail)!

        Perhaps if it fails, the Swedish (European) suppliers should finally get together and found a consortium for takeover - possibly with another strong group. There are endless possibilities!

        We have been driving SAAB cars for years and have never regretted it - so are many of our neighbors here in our village in the south of Schleswig-Holstein.


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    The stock has currently fallen by 12,63% to 0,83 Euro, so it seems to reflect the development.

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    contact me here as a former Saab salesman. (Do not misunderstand, I do not sell another brand now.)
    The fact that some cancellations can flutter in now can also come about with the delivery period agreed upon according to the purchase contract. As a rule 3-4 delivery times are calculated. So if the buyers have been waiting for the first production stop and ordered in May / June and adjusted to the delivery date, you must now find an alternative solution. Especially companies are not fixated on Saab. It would be nice, of course, if a Saab storage cart was used as an alternative here.
    Hoping to sell Saab again soon, I follow this blog and the latest news.

    And also a thousand thanks to Tom for the great work you do here next to your job.

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    Always remember: The decision about your Swedish fellow human beings who are somehow connected with SAAB automobiles and of course also about the dealers / suppliers (worldwide) + about the global enthusiasts - so to speak, at the bottom - make, as far as I know, 4 judges.

    With a reasonably intelligent approach, all 4 judges should actually give the green light for a reconstruction - a rejection would severely impair the existence of tens of thousands of people and SAAB owners around the world are likely to have great doubts about their previous attitude towards Sweden.

    Let's wait and see ...

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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      Hello Joachim,

      ... who actually says that judges shouldn't be serious like polar bears ...

      We, my partner Tobias and I are stubbornly sticking to our orders for 2 × 9-5 Sortcombi !!!

      We just can not see an acceptable alternative in the colorless supply pulp!?

      Loyalty to the dealer and a commitment to the SAAB brand are the virtues now required -
      and I can pledge calmly, since I am now thrilled and completely satisfied since 1987
      SAAAAAAABS drive and now (9-5 biopower Sportcombi) and in the future, if need be
      from the secondary market ......

      Greetings from the northernmost state capital

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    I honestly do not understand the sudden change in sentiment. Yesterday came the positive decision from the court that is again advised on the application for reconstruction and the stock remains stable. So where does the negative vibes come from, I do not understand. That Pang Da gives his investors a warning is completely normal and they are legally forced to do so. This week the future of Saab will decide and I will stay positive until the end.

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      @ Marc

      I understand. At some point you do not like anymore, then you cancel. And as Alex says PATIENCE is the wrong word of the year.

      It is already a WONDER that so many have stayed with it. After all, the dealers are all about survival. Hats off.

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    Oh dear ... if you write like that ... I will keep my fingers crossed until the last minute, although I can understand those affected ...
    So on to the last lap ...

    PS: The word of the year 2011! PATIENCE

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