Saab News: What happens in Trollhättan

At the moment it is difficult to keep track of the current situation. In mails from Swedish friends the frustration and the resignation can be felt. Everything is waiting for the redeeming message for Saab, the approval for the reconstruction process.

The supplier associations, CLEPA and FKG yesterday welcomed the court's decision. Because they see a successful reconstruction as the only way to strengthen the automotive industry in Sweden in the long term. You are probably right, because another actor has spoken out and has doubts about Saab CEO Victor Muller's plan “D”.

The friendly officer of the Kronofogden, who has been trying for weeks to recover claims has been forgotten something. Now that 70 is about to receive millions of dollars from Lotus Youngman, he is listening. The Kronofogden can, according to the note, also seize the money reserved for wages, salaries and taxes and thus settle claims.

The October wages would possibly be collected and without reconstruction the license money from China would be completely defenseless.

This would probably not work the D-plan, which does not come from Saab. The press office yesterday denied the D-Plan, which went around the world via Reuters, TT and other channels. No comment from me.

Okay, IF Metal is going to the bankruptcy judge today as announced and will be filing for bankruptcy petition for the members. Otherwise nothing new. At least not really.

There is a Saab story about the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt with many question marks and speculations that will be published as soon as my “Real Life” desk has become a bit clearer.

The taz is a farewell article for Saab, which strikes soft notes between the lines and is interesting to read. Because the article also says a lot about the state of mind of the Saab dealers and draws a picture that reflects the mood of the emails to the blog. Despite, or perhaps because of, the difficult situation, there are still many companies behind the Swedish brand.

Many hope and believe in a new start, in whatever constellation. Finally, the view to Amsterdam. Swedish Automobile records around one euro. Hmm.

The stock is as indecisive as the news. Anyway. Let's wait.

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  • I cannot believe that VM seriously thought of maneuvering the funds past the Kronofogden. There was a portion planned for open claims, wasn't it? In addition, at least some of the suppliers are behind SAAB. In themselves, these are good signs for a reconstruction.

    SAAB up, please.

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    It's really bad what is done, especially with the people who have to / are allowed to earn their money with SAAB ... this back and forth ... you can not even say hop or top !?
    Until they have really gained a foothold in D and trust is there again, the only thing left is the new market in China, if even the Americans don't have the SAAB's ... it's a shame ...
    especially if I have 3! I see the new 9-5 driving around the city every now and then, so chic boxes ...
    So keep your fingers crossed .... also that there are dealers who still have a brand in their range that is running ... and will soon be able to sell new Swedes again ...

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    As already mentioned several times not only on this blog:

    If the Chinese partners really stand behind the entry plans 100%, there should also be a way to noticeably accelerate the approval process - in my opinion, that a positive decision is on the table within a few days!

    On the other hand, one could finally get support from the Swedish state authorities (ie approval of the reconstruction), because it is primarily about the much-described Swedish interests (region, personnel and and and)!

    Who would like to consider the matter ironically, could take on the current situation, that with combined forces of the Chinese and Swedish authorities of the cart should still be driven into the dirt. I hope some policymakers wake up somewhere!

    Words are really missing here at the moment ...

    A nice greeting from Schleswig-Holstein to all staunch SAAB fans !!


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    I found somewhere on the internet that VW has no interest in Saab at all. I do not understand their strategies at all. You have already purchased Scania proportionally and thus the logo. If I look at the fact that VW wants to invest 62 billion euros in the next few years in new plants and products, then they could have paid Saab from the petty cash. But the Porsche Trauma seems to be low.

    Not that I wanted Saab to go to VW. But a strong partner from the automotive sector would be good. BMW apparently had no interest, are not even great.

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      @@ Philmos

      Hmm, I always wonder what VW should ever do with Saab?
      They have just as Audi ... and technology, etc. enough.
      The argument Scania draws in cars I do not think so much here.

      And BMW certainly doesn't need a brand “next to it”, but rather a “something below”.

      I think there is also one of Saab's problems ... no one “potential” in Europe or America seems to need Saab (as an equivalent brand next to his own)

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        But that already shows how strong the brand actually is when nobody wants it next to you. VW only has medium quality home cooking, with the exception of the Golf, and sells them dearly in designer VWs called Audi or Bentley. Even Suzuki has not found anything usable at VW, the technology has been wrung out to the last, trimmed to quantities without real innovations. Real innovations such as engine technology such as Fiat are missing. BMW has more to offer here, but that would really be the toughest competitors, BMW and Saab. In other industrial segments, a coexistence of competitors from a manufacturer is quite conceivable, e.g. watch industry, electronics or white goods ...

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    My dealer, where I was able to pick up my Griffin in July, is closing down at the end of the year :( No one believes in any plans anymore.

    I was at the IAA yesterday - the empty space next to Suzuki looks pretty dreary.

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      The reboot for Saab is going to be tough. It was much trust playful and held a few lags by the Dutchman.

      If Saab gets the turn, it will take years here in the country to make amends.

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    The stock in Amsterdam is hovering around one euro, but is slightly positive. The absolute low was at 0,35. Why don't I have ...? Afterwards you are always smarter. That would be 286% more for one euro ...

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    Plan B was the new production with the money from the sale of the buildings ... or was that already Plan C? No, Plan B was Hawtai or whatever the place was.
    It's time that a plan from VM works. Otherwise, zap with the plans. Even if there are still many letters to XYZ 😉

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    Also, I lost track: what was Plan C at all? Is this the renewed attempt of a reconstruction? Or does that still belong to B? 😉

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