Yes! Court says “yes” to the reconstruction

The Saab employees were nervous today, as reported by a good friend from Trollhättan, who has been providing us with news for months. The friend is very close and today he was able to “grasp the tension with his hands”, as he says. Because the fate of the small, Swedish car manufacturer depends on the decision of the appeals court in Gothenburg.

Today, shortly after 13 p.m., the redeeming news and the longed-for OK came from Volvo City. Saab gets a second chance and can reorganize itself under the protection of the Swedish state and with state money. The Swedish Minister for Economic Affairs sees no problem in this, because even after the previous reconstruction phase, which was still owned by GM, the state funds were repaid by Saab.

Thus, the business plan presented by Saab, which should make the Aut0 manufacturer profitable even in small quantities, is accepted. The court-appointed administrator will now invite Saab creditors for talks over the next 21 days. The primary goal is the short-term re-recording of car production in Trollhättan, which the administrator will seek together with the Saab management.

Saab gains valuable time through the reconstruction phase. Because Saab is close to the investor funds of Pang Da and Lotus Youngman. The internally named date of Saab is the 14. October. The majority takeover by these partners will secure the future of Sweden in the long term, but at the same time open up new markets.

Saab employees now get their money very quickly, within 3 - 5 days, thanks to the state wage guarantee.

Is it a good day for Saab today? I think so, because the time of uncertainty has come to an end and it is the first time in months the famous light at the tunnel end, which we can clearly see.

For now, the loyal Saab customers and dealers have the chance to see a brand-new Saab rolling into the yard in just a few weeks. Wonderful.

For the blog, it is not possible to comment daily on the latest economic news. Reviews and the latest developments from Trollhättan could finally be the goal.

Wonderful prospects, right?


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  • I see it positively, it will be fine again. It has become quite different companies again, where no one would have suspected. I can not repeat it often enough, but that's my experience in remediation and reconstruction cases.

    Thank you very much, Tom, really, very, very great job you are doing here. Respect!

    LG from Styria,

  • Thanks to Tom, we need a lot more from such positive thinkers !!! Keep it up, we stand together!

  • as much as I am pleased that SAAB has finally gotten a last chance, but without major cuts, it will not succeed in making the brand profitable again. Some employees who have been loyal to SAAB in recent months and have not changed will now lose their job. The SWAN press release suggests that.
    I hope that SAAB will emerge well from the reconstruction and will soon be able to build great cars again.

  • On the way from the Alpine republic to East Westphalia, I read the great news on this blog on the train today. Wow…

  • Just buy (order) know ……. and stop talking

  • First of all thanks to Tom for keeping us up to date.

    I am very happy that SAAB is allowed to live and most of all I am happy for the 3700 workers who can keep their jobs.
    I just hope that the new reconstruction is the last one for SAAB and that it is going uphill again.


  • Many thanks to Tom for persevering and the heart and soul! When the first 9-5II SCs are available in the German market, our 9-3 SC will receive a stag at the latest, even if it may already have 80000km under its belt. Word!

  • Yoo-hoo. Now we can finally start. I'm waiting eagerly for the NG9-5SC

  • I do not know many blogs that are so up-to-date, exciting, knowledgeable and on top of that also made positive.
    Big congratulations and best thanks to the blogmaster and to many commentators!

  • sorry for the spelling mistake, of course means… come….

  • Take a former automotive employee, give him a professorship so that he has enough work slaves, uh, student assistants, and leave him 40% of a consulting company. Then you beg for orders or the car manufacturers who don't give them are dragged through the mud. The whole thing is then called automotive specialists ...
    And that's how you get your name - Dudenhöfer - from duden and blow no idea and court others.
    However, if the dude has the nerve to say that no one would want a SAAB, one would actually have to sue him for interfering with personal rights or worse.
    God save the SAAB

    • So I'm not one, and that's four times none with my four Saabs

      The good red wine I open when I picked up my fourth old new, 9-5 Sportcombi 2,2 TiD from 2002.

  • 14 days ago I exchanged my new 9,3 TiD built in 2009 for an "old" SAAB 9000 CS, built in 1997, I tell you, I am the happiest person in this world. Today a good bottle of Blaufränkischer will be decapitated, I am pleased with this good news. I celebrate SAAB!

  • Happy end?

    Well, it looks better, the "Saab heart" is not beating yet. Let's hope it does it again soon. Maybe even next year with a Saab Festival in Trollhättan.

    The uncle “Dudde” was not right, I'm all the more happy 🙂

    Nice sunny day yet!



  • .... we all know Saab, but who the f…. is dude ???

  • As I heard recently, there is already a lot of advertising being done in China for the new 9-5 / 9-5 Combi and the 9-4 X by Pang Da - this is (or is) missing, especially here in Germany.

    Now we really have to get going in this respect too, so that the consumer, who is considered stupid by the German press, also gets to know that there is not only automotive “uniformity” made in Germany !!!!!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

    • I can absolutely agree with that, Einheitsreirei headed by AMS and other KOlumnenkleverle
      who only excel in black painting, rarely anyone has reported positively. New task for the "blog" when the situation had settled, report from everyday events that just deal with Saab. Some time ago I came across a magazine from Switzerland, where a sad article about the Saab brand of the last 40 years was published. That was honest work with no ulterior motives. Since the majority of DE drivers are just kept stupid by Audi & co, as well as Japan & KOrea, education would do well. Saab should show it to everyone, I'm thinking about buying a new one, or a new secondhand one, so that the dump in the Saab center
      Frankfurt becomes less. Saab up!

  • I also want to keep my three (2x 9-3 year of manufacture Coupe petrol engine year 1999 and 2002 Diesel, 1 x 9-5 sedan 2003 Diesel) plus my new addition 1x 9-5 SportCombi Diesel 2002, even if I slowly get space problems, have only one Garage where the oldest stands.

    All four have cost less than a new mediocre golf

    Rarely have cars made me so much fun like this, whereby I have already driven many brands, as a rental car or privately.

  • Just that press has not smashed with fame, which has released every new detail in the development of recent months, and thus the concerns of dealers and (new) customers have increased, their brand will not exist soon.

    Those who want to "strengthen their brand" Saab, should now go to their dealer and pre-order for the next new car - Strengthen confidence and commitment!

    Today, a little bit may be celebrated.

  • Thank you especially Tom the blog initiator for patience, ambition, perseverance and positive perspective

    it should be as we all hope, because "our likeable, small but fine brand" is actually an innovative one, worldwide
    operating and with solid technical lead and know how, how many MOdele are there,
    9-5 two times
    9-3 three times
    9-4 once

    plus the various engine variants
    bio, hybrid, electricity.

    Not many can offer that. Let's think how many stamps were saved!

    I hope I'll drive a real Saab "made in S" again, but 3% never sell my 99.

    Greetings to Tom and everyone involved
    from Frankfurt

  • A great message !!!!

  • Yippih!

    SAAB + SAABblog up!

  • that's good news. The period until the Chinese authorities give OK
    can be bridged and in Trollhättan you can concentrate on building cars

    • Somehow I'm still a bit afraid of ... that the "Chinese authorities" don't say "YES" in all instances ....
      How sure is the Chinese really?

      But no matter .. today is only once a little happy turn !!!! 🙂

      • The great advantage of a reconstruction is that there is a lot more time available for the "recovery" of a company and that everything is not rushed and cannot be managed in a fully thought-out way.

        Should something go wrong with the Chinese partners (which would actually be their disadvantage in particular), you could possibly look for other partners on the SAAB side - but not under time pressure due to the reconstruction.

        Greetings from Hamburg


  • Uff ... today I allow myself a partial sigh of relief when it comes to Saab ...

    Thanks, keep it up!

  • ... ahead with new strength !!

  • Mega…. now it can go on like this! and I'm looking forward to your new test reports!

    But the word remains! Patience!

    PS: The share also looks good ... 😉

  • Very nice, after today's work done, the champus will be open !!

    Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW - finally! I hoped nothing else and expected somewhere else, even if it didn't look good at times. From now on I will drive even more proudly with my 9-3 SportKombi through the area:)

  • Saab Up!

  • Against all Dudenhöffers this world: SAAB Sweden is not a fall !!!!

    We insiders have always seen it this way - now Dudenhöffer & Co. have received it again as a court decision.

    General note to this group of people: In future, watch everything carefully - but please also report objectively!


    • “The Dude” is one of the many (more or less) self-proclaimed “auto experts” in this world. You just can't get past them. If you are wrong, there is a short shrug and life goes on for you (mostly with corresponding fees ...). If you are right, all the more so (fees also apply for this ...).

      However, we are happy today about our likeable, small but fine brand!

  • Very nice, then we can “hope” a little further !!!!

    Here is a city festival on the weekend ... I will now enjoy much more joyous.

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