Saab Museum Trollhättan: Sometimes I miss the words ...

Sometimes you could ... yes what actually. You spend the afternoon on the highway, or you are standing in a traffic jam, come back to the office and then get Saab specific messages, which you then take in person somehow. Saab fans are used to suffering, but some things go too far.

Saab Museum Saab, Saab 9-4x, Saab 9-6x
Saab Museum Saab, Saab 9-4x, Saab 9-6x

A bailiff has a tough job and I have a lot of understanding when it comes to the lords of Kronofogden in Udevalla. But there should also be limits for a royal Swedish law enforcement officer. Sanctuaries, which are taboo because they mean a lot to the Saab community around the globe.

The officer of the Kronofogden yesterday seized the Saab Museum just before the decision to reconstruct. The collection of 109 historical Saabs, including the Ursaab, now belongs to the Kronofogden.

All vehicles remain in the museum for the time being, are freely accessible, but bear the deposit seal. Which is humiliating and unnecessary. So the Kronofogden hits my nerve. Also the famous rally Saabs by Eric Carlsson…. I don't like to think about it.

But calm blood. A compulsory auction will not be there for the time being. The seizures remain, but rest for the duration of the reconstruction as well as the bankruptcy petitions. The Trollhättan commune has been interested in the museum some time ago and, as we can be sure, has an eye on the collection.

The story is annoying anyway and impossible in my eyes. The bailiff speaks of a value of 5 million crowns, which would be just over half a million euros. In collectors' circles, these cars will certainly bring considerably more. For the Saab community, the municipality of Trollhättan and the Västragöland region, the value is priceless, because it is a piece of Swedish culture and industrial history.

Presumably, after weeks of unsuccessful seizure, the Kronofogden went around the principle. And a small success of an authority with, well, lack of sensitivity.

They wanted to set a signal. That's succeeded.


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  • Marcus

    You hit the nail on the head - unfortunately the rulers are often not gifted with great intelligence! Fortunately, at least the Chinese seem to be a little further ahead.

    In the west, the “big mouth” usually dominates - without much behind it (see USA).

    Sweden also seems to have slipped a bit under the current government - unfortunately, you can only attach too well to the SAAB topic (they have actually not gotten anything in line so far)!


  • and how is bremen today? Unfortunately, such people are never held responsible. Today, bremen could have a flourishing economy instead of hanging from the drips of the countries.
    trollhättan without saab would probably be a similar case, if not worse.

  • There are always and everywhere certain groups who want to force a company out of the market with extremely questionable methods ... .. that has always existed; think of Borgward and the behavior of the city of Bremen !!

  • Even senior teachers can not seem to be out of their own
    Skin - a shame actually….

  • yes, who knows - just keep dreaming!

  • I read that VM is not satisfied with the marketing and sales efforts. he is right! there can be a new one for this area and clean up in the saab museum, where almost no fan articles are offered!
    This is almost a pilgrimage for saab fans and I am sure that everyone would like to buy fan articles there. We were over 25 years ago the first time in the old mueseum and had missed it there, but it was also small and therefore comprehensible. in the new museum, it would certainly not be a proplem to set up a shop for it, just like volvo has in its museum.

  • Hello Marcus,

    + 1 for your statement!

    Who says the saab driver since 1980, that the thing with the Chinese works at all?

    Maybe the rescue will come from a completely different direction after all - who knows….


  • I'm wide awake, but things can be changed! To justify every mischief by saying that nothing can be changed is more than weak - if that were true, we would still have a dictatorship today.
    So please less teachers, we do not need that.
    we do not have to think the same way.

  • Dear people - wake up!

    That's economy 2.0! If SAAB is to have a real chance, then that's only possible with cuts.
    Whether personnel reduction or museum pledging as security for the wage payments.
    Unfortunately, today's shark capitalism can not be changed.

    What do you think, what happens when only the Chinese have the helm in hand?
    So: a little more sense of reality please - even if it hurts!
    Saab UP!

  • I almost said that you should send a few Austrian tourism experts to work as advisors. We know how tourism works and how brands are developed.

    Maybe Mr. Mateschitz can still get involved with Saab, there should still be enough money there. A kind of second Hangar 7, like the one in Salzburg, where Mr. Mateschitz exhibits his planes, motorcycles, flying specialties and Formula 1-Bolliden of the Red Bull team, would be a suitable location for the Saab Museum, but not so sad Warehouse with pledged contents. To celebrate this is also excellent.

    I'm sorry, but we already have enough of this small spirit and the same kind of behavior by the authorities in Europe, I don't need that for my car brand too ...

  • When Tom speaks of lack of sensitivity, he understates. The thing is a scandal. The museum would not have gone away, would have disappeared.

    The action, at the last minute, is politically motivated and a shame for Sweden. Hello, you from the Kronofogen in Uddevala, you should be proud of your history and culture, do not trample on your own history. Please remember the visitors, for whom the museum is a figurehead and a piece of Sweden.

    The Kronofogden harms himself and makes Sweden ridiculous with this cuckoo sticking. Too bad.


  • This is an action of a state authority and unfortunately it is so worldwide that with common sense many actions by authorities can not be traced
    are because these officials turn off (or want to) the brain when entering your office
    and only see your paragraphs or hide behind them.

  • Thank you 9-3 Trollinger…. That is how I see it too…
    Have already lost a lot of sympathy with me with their behavior, but that was really too much ...

  • With this action, which is below level, you have done no favor. Saab drivers are also holidaymakers in Sweden and leave their good money in Sweden.

    Trollhättan is visited to see the museum. Issued vehicles with a deposit seal do not show the problems of Saab. You get shown how the Swedes deal with your story.

    Sweden has lost a lot of bonuses for me and my family with this promotion.

  • tasteless, by no means justifiable behavior!
    in view of the recoverable amounts almost grotesque.

    I could understand if it was the last thing left over after everything else was gone, but so it's just bullying and a business-damaging action beyond compare.

    sometimes I have the impression that there are more saab fans everywhere than in sweden.

  • Some behavior is actually hard to understand - hopefully at SAAB you will soon be rid of all these strange government agencies!

    A very different topic (but again associated with government agencies) we are increasingly interested in the family now: Do plans exist in the event that the Chinese government approval contrary to expectation should fail after all?

    The reconstruction period (max. 12 months) does provide a time margin - in our opinion, however, a concrete emergency plan should be in the famous drawer in good time.

    Blind trust in the Chinese side is a bit risky, as many unknown factors play a role. Lt. Pang Da + Youngman-Lotus, the outcome will be positive - but there is no guarantee of that.

    Are there still willing investors from South America or other parts of the world - who can report something here? What happened to the thing with the great investment company?

    Despite the good omens, “only” China would actually be too one-sided planning!


  • Astonishing parallels so Alfa Romeo, because Fiat let the once so proud Alfa headquarters and factory in Arese / Milan rotten, and the museum is officially no longer accessible. The brand exists only as an emblem on and designed by Fiat. At first I thought an isolated case in Italy with the once proud brand.

    Now I read something similar from Saab and their museum.

    I wonder: Hey guys, is it still ??????? !!!! Are you finally waking up and noticing what you're doing? How do you know, other brands would be proud of such a history and at Alfa and Saab you kick them with their feet.

  • The majority of SAAB owners (worldwide) are probably too “good”.

    How does it look here from a purely legal point of view? At the time of the confiscation, SAAB had not yet gone into reconstruction - on the other hand, there were still no bankruptcy proceedings. The behavior is probably not only quite rude (perhaps also has a political background) but also possibly not completely legally clean.

    I would be interested in the opinion of a Swedish lawyer - he should of course not have an antipathy against SAAB and if possible not drive a German Proll vehicle!

    Many sincere greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

  • That is really superfluous and probably purely politically motivated. Slowly I really believe that there are interest groups in Sweden who want to see SAAB die. Sad. Sometimes I have the impression that Sweden is changing for the worse.



  • Hallo,

    That's where language comes in



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