Saab Rumors: Saab at the IAA 2011?

Sometimes it is the small signs that make one sit up. Can it be that Saab is represented in any way at the IAA in Frankfurt? There were indications for this from ominous sources and meanwhile there is also a photo proof.

Volvo IAA stand 2011 with friendly men and Saab bag
Volvo IAA stand 2011 with friendly men and Saab bag

What we see in the picture is the Saab stand, which was actually designed for our favorite brand and was taken over by the car brand from Gothenburg. If we take a closer look, we see a friendly gentleman in front of the Volvo stand with a Saab bag in his hand. A Saab bag? Did you make a mistake in the Volvo brand and ordered the wrong bags?

We've checked, it's not an old bag from past IAA events. It is a Saab bag in the current design.

The proof: Current Saab bag on the way in Frankfurt
The proof: Current Saab bag on the way in Frankfurt

Oha. How does this mysterious bag come to the IAA? Does a stall of the brand from Trollhättan exist somewhere?

Maybe there are Volvo underground workers secretly working for Trollhättan?

Or are they the effects of the big plan, internally called "The Deal". Saab fakes problems, quietly takes over Volvo silently and nobody notices it 😉. Hmm.

Anyway. A Saab bag wanders over the IAA. The bag has a little story. Who and what is behind it, on Saturday it will reveal. 🙂


7 thoughts on "Saab Rumors: Saab at the IAA 2011?"

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    those interested in Volvo seem strangely sick to me ...

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      Yes, all white in the face, too few vegetables, and then these funny clothes, so outdoor-just, a mixture of Jack Wolfskin and Eduscho, absolutely no preppy style at all

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    @@ Marcus
    Yes, unfortunately.
    But that's the way the press is today (at least a lot) ... it's not so much about reporting as it is about showcasing how to increase circulation.
    And you get hold of it rather by bad or rousing news.

    To do this, many simply copy from each other without doing their own research, so that “a lot of crap” is simply spread very quickly and umpteen times

    And about Saab is usually little reported in DE, but even about the "Jensen Interceptor" very large (even in the picture).

    @@ Nico
    Well, we already know that this is probably Saab Fan Uli (click on it)!

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      Haha, not bad
      So Uli, get in touch ... I think you have something to tell us all 🙂

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    Why was the face of the man pixelated? Maybe one of the readers here knows this enigmatic man and you could ask him personally?

    Greetings from Stuttgart

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      Hmmm ... the corpulence could be Steven Wade, longtime Saab blogger and recently responsible for Saab's internet work.

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    did you already notice how little you can read in the german press about the approved reconstruction? every message in the hiob has been disseminated in every gazette, but positive news is obviously not interesting.
    saab also has to counteract this with its own reports and press releases.
    this doesn't all have to happen from sweden - the saab germany quiet zone should also be urged to do so!

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