Saab Sweden: Wages for employees are on their way

For the Saab employees, the situation is slowly getting better thanks to the reconstruction process. August wages are on their way now. September wages will follow when the agency begins work. Saab has now confirmed that every operational process is under scrutiny and that a new CEO is being sought. Victor Muller will give up this position, which he did not particularly like to support - but only out of the situation - and where he thinks there are better candidates for it.

What else is there in Sweden? Our best friends from Dagens Industri have listed Victor Muller's promises that have not been kept. Muller is referred to as “Hans löften”, which everyone can translate. Okay, I'm not a fan of Victor Muller but I like DI even less. The list is impressively long and starts with production figures, promises of profit and employee participation and goes on ...

But, sorry to Dagens Industri, that's the snow of last winter, now it's about the future. The, so the Gothenburg sheet looks bad, because the entry of the Chinese is uncertain. Overcapacity on the car market in China is cited as evidence of this. That too is a very old story, we wrote about it in the spring.

Since then, Saab has taken the first two hurdles of bureaucracy. So no reason not to look optimistic into the next four weeks. Although the reconstruction stands and falls with the entry from China, but if in the next few days, the license fees on the Saab accounts arrive, the confidence increases in any case.

The story of the Saab Museum somehow got very close to me yesterday. So I can not quite understand the action and I thought the Swedes are more careful with their own cultural assets. But during the reconstruction the cars are safe. That's good. Steven Wade has written an article on Inside Saab, which assures that there will be no further action of Kronofogden.

Our next appointment, which will be important is the 26. September. There should be 70 Million € available from Youngman. The success of the reconstruction depends on these liquid funds.

We are now on the right course, but not yet safe. The Saab future looks better than a week ago. As always. Fingers crossed !


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  • So I think Youngman and Pang Da have the bureaucracy in Beijing under control and
    Beijing will give the green light. But there are only officials in Beijing ... and they are
    (slowly) (always remembering that Youngman and Pang Da always talked about
    that it will be October until Beijing gets the green light)

  • blank

    Hello Tom!

    The assumption that the reconstruction in your eyes would work only with the entry of the Chinese, so you should not stand as an exclusive solution in the room.

    If, contrary to expectations, the bureaucracy in China still has other views than Youngman-Lotus and Pang Da, another solution should be found as soon as possible - which of course cannot be called bankruptcy (that would not be a solution)!

    A so-called emergency plan is simply mandatory - if this unsightly scenario should occur despite the good omens from China, the reconstruction period, which can be extended if necessary, should be an advantage: people with a lot of money in their cash register would still have it in other parts of the world Give world. As the saying goes: "You just have to find the right one."

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and a nice weekend to all blog participants


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