Saab Week: The IAA - Patience of Customers - Saab Anniversary

No one will miss Saab at the IAA, wrote Bertel S., blogger of “The Truth about Cars” on his blog. He put it wrong. At least for some of us. The saying should be "No one will miss the IAA without Saab". For days I tormented myself with the thought of having to go to this car show. Yes, have to. Because promised is promised. My little nephew would be the right age to visit the IAA and my friend Marco's eldest son is also an IAA candidate.

But without Saab to the IAA. Phew. Why and why. What could interest me? Mercedes, Audi, BMW - irrelevant, they are on every corner. Likewise VW, Skoda, Seat. Not to mention GM brands. Just the idea of ​​torturing yourself through crowded halls for hours, having to watch Japanese and Koreans is a pain.

Well, there would be the brand from Gothenburg, which kindly took over our Saab space. Better a Volvo on the Saab Areal than a Korea Chevy. Maybe then I could make friends with the idea that Volvo could become my new, automotive, home. In the case of the cases. At some point you have to take the first step. Why not now.

All-clear. Marco's eldest son doesn't want to go to the IAA. "No SaAA without Saab". Well. The next day my nephew. “No Saab at the IAA? What do you want there? ” Great, clearly my nephew. We prefer to go to the cinema. Man, how lucky I was.

Saab Anniversary

Saab has the nice habit of enjoying Anniversary models every 5 years. These are better equipped and have some nice things that the series does not have. Anniversary models could become collectibles. There were 1997, 2002 and 2007 such anniversary Saabs. Rarely do you see all three guys standing in the parking lot together.

Bloggers Home, Saab 9-3 2011 and 3 x Saab Anniversary 1997, 2002, 2007 - one of them is not mine.
Bloggers Home, Saab 9-3 2011 and 3 x Saab Anniversary 1997, 2002, 2007 - one of them is not mine.

At dusk in front of my house it was time. Friend Marco was visiting and historically accurate Saab 9000, Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 Anniversary were parked next to each other.

2012 would like to continue this tradition with a new Anniversary Saab. I'm full of optimism.

The patience of the Saab fans

Like the little Saab fans who do not want the IAA without Saab, so are the adults. Saab driver Mark has bought his 270.000 kilometers Saab 9-3 out of leasing and is always waiting patiently for his new Saab 9-5 sports car.

Reader Marcus and soon Saab driver will drive his sister's 12-year-old polo to the customer (I understood that correctly - right?) Because he doesn't want a BMW, Audi or Mercedes.

And my good friend Silvio was now in Saab center Frankfurt to update his Saab 9-5. Actually, he wanted to buy an annual car or demonstration car. Unfortunately, the choice is so narrow that he does not find anything he likes. So the Saab 9-5 is getting fit for the next few years.

These are just three examples, I could write more about it. Surprisingly that is already, because the behavior of the Saab driver goes already in the direction of consumption refusal. Apparently, many people on the one hand, no matter which make they drive, on the other hand, not always a brand new car in front of the door.

That is solidarity and love for the brand. But, let's be realistic. Saab has lost many customers in recent months. Leases can not be extended indefinitely and not everyone can or wants to replace their old car. The same is the case with traders, where some are currently leaving the ship.

It is, I say quite frankly, astonishing that so many customers and dealers have stayed with us over such a long period of time. There are still around 11.000 orders on the books in Trollhättan. But that's only part of the truth. Much more jobs are planned. If production is running, Trollhättan will receive an additional flood of orders. I'm sure of that, because every week I get emails from customers who are waiting to order.

The chances for new cars from Sweden have improved this week. Anyone considering a purchase should stay tuned.

The Saab bag at the IAA

Yesterday I wrote one small article about the Saab bag, which hiked over the IAA in Frankfurt. Some have recognized the carrier of the bag, the Saab world is so small. The bag belongs to Saab driver and fan Uli. He is Saab human with body and soul. Uli owns a Saab 9-5 and a Saab 96, which he maintains with love.

Volvo booth at the IAA 2011, Saab Fan Uli and Saab bag
Volvo booth at the IAA 2011, Saab Fan Uli and Saab bag

For him, an IAA without Saab is painful and that's why he walked over the car show with what he says is his “Saab Protest Bag”. Because where to put the brochures. A carrier bag from a "third-party product" is not possible. Correct.

That's how the Saab fans are. A life without the brand does not work. Typical Saab. Yes, that too second note from Frankfurt was not for the Saab 9-3 or a booth but came from hall 9. Unfortunately, but maybe we will get 2013 a stand in Frankfurt. I'm confident.

The thing with the mailbox

Finally, the annoying topic. Since I also have a job and the week was quite clamped I was able to sort my Saab postbox until late yesterday. It will take a while to get some 100 unread mail this week. Unfortunately there were also press inquiries, but I can not change it. That's life!

All who are waiting for an answer. Please be patient, I also have to ask for some things. And there are still no answers to some questions in the current Saab situation. Much is still in the balance in Sweden. But what is possible, that will be answered.


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    I also spent two days at the IAA.
    Without Saab it was really boring.
    2009, I was safe for half an hour in the 9-5.
    I'm looking forward to the IAA 2013:
    World premiere of the new Saab 900

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    With the Anniversary models and the great photo, only the Opel 9-3 falls off the front in design terms. So far, the only Saab, which triggered no purchase reflex with me, so that I preferred to use the predecessor, although stone age and repair-intensive, which is also not said, because the quality of the old 9-3 of 1998 to 2002 so apparently but even better.

    I remember a first meeting at an 2003 car show with a nine 9-3, which was disappointing because I did not recognize the car as Saab. Many customers were apparently the same, then the quality did not fit. My wife said there was a debate on a new 9-3 sedan or an old 9-5 SC as 2002: The 9-3 in white looks like an old Polo Classic, the 9-5 Sc looks like a Saab, just cool. That was it in a nutshell.

    That's how the denial of consumption by the Saab driver mentioned by you, Tom, comes about, even if I diligently buy spare parts or embellishments like new rims, etc.

    So Saab, back to the roots! Then the store is running again.

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    Since we are due to a 2. Dogs had to change our automotive concept, in April we enthusiastically ordered the new 9-5 SC Aero with (almost) all the trimmings. For a better resale value I wanted to sell my 9-3 convertible in the summer and took it for a while to rumzugurken with the Peugeot 206 station wagon of the partner, is not fun, but the anticipation of the 9-5 SC made everything well again ,

    The situation was for security reasons. Reasons suboptimal. Because 1 dog always had to be carried on the back seat because of the space available. After the umpteenth bad news, I seriously thought about what my plan B would be, but couldn't come up with a satisfactory alternative other than the “old” 9-5 station wagon ;-). So I found a nice 9-5 Aero station wagon from 2006 with all options, in very good shape at a good price.

    Short consultation with my partner and I sit on the train to the dealer and bought the car from the spot and believe me that was a VERY good decision. The dogs are well looked after and the car is a real pleasure! The 5 years you do not even notice and notice, everything is in perfect shape, no clattering. And the discussion about the (apparently) not so high-quality interior, I can not understand. Heated rear seats and ventilated seats in front, yes, there is almost no car today!

    What I did not believe then was that despite the Navi and top sound system had no aux input! I would not have kept that engineer, even my 2004 convertible already had it. So I have to take a low-quality detour via the antenna to connect my iPod, but the speakerphone (Bury) exceeded my expectations by far, because the speech recognition really works. For the dogs still the disks toned and almost finished was equipped our new car.

    Now I am flexible and can possibly order the new 9-5 next year or, depending on the situation, wait a year or two. If I wait, there will definitely be a couple of nice 18 "summer rims 🙂

    There is no alternative to a Saab, in this sense, Griffin-up!

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    People used to say at the gas station: “Turbo” ?!? You have to go to the diesel nozzle !! No, I said, it's good with Super; The people: he's crazy, his engine will die, doesn't it say "turbo" in front?!

    Then later: how much horsepower does the Swede have or what is that ?? I said 147 !! The people: uh, really great, wouldn't have thought. Then I said, yes hm 147 but not PS but the other WK .. or KW, the new weird one, then I saw people suddenly turn pale and white in the face and said they had to go home quickly ... ..but while shooting still: but it swallows 20L, .. yes, exactly I said, almost, but for 300km?!? then I had to grin for at least 3 days ...... ..

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    Just been at the gas station.
    Me: petrol pump 1
    VK: The Saab? Are not they bankrupt?
    Me: Nah, stand under creditor protection
    VK: My grandpa has always driven Saab, never another brand
    Me: just like me 🙂 I have ordered a 9-5 SC and hope that I will get it in not too long time
    VK: These Saab drivers, so loyal ... I think it's great. When you come with your new tank, I'll take a closer look at it
    Me: Grins :)))

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    Dear Tom,
    I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put in this page. You have a lot to do with our Saabians sticking to your order. After we celebrated a Swedish night in April and thought everything was done, this whole situation is wasting our strength. But we are convinced that we will go out of this whole story strengthened and then it will be a common strong Saabian time. Trollhättan 2017 liked us so much that we sent this standing foot to all our Saab customers. I think almost everyone had a dreamy smile on their face. In this sense, Saabian greetings from Leipzig.

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    "Tom for president," yeah man you're just fine, more than fine. Saturday morning, Machiato with Saab Blog.Wahnsinn. You have beautified and enriched my life outside of the job a lot. I wish we weren't just surrounded by "call centers" and "queues" and "dunning notices." I haven't experienced so much social, emotional, committed to the point of romance in a long time. Thanks Tom (PS. whistle on Chevy,Korea,GM......IAA)

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