Saab Museum Trollhättan: rescue operation starts!

The story of the Kronofogden, who lent a hand to the historical Saab collection at the last minute before the reconstruction, really got on my nerves. On the one hand because the action is meaningless, on the other hand because it is without any sense for the feelings of many people in Trollhättan and the Saab world.

At the moment the collection is safe. The garnishment is retained during the reconstruction phase, but is dormant. Only if the reconstruction should be stopped or fails, only then the danger becomes acute.

Better times: Saab Museum Trollhättan, Saab Festival 2010
Better times: Saab Museum Trollhättan, Saab Festival 2010

In Trollhättan an alliance is formed for the museum, led by the active mayor Paul Akerlund. Some time ago, people in the community thought about the survival of the museum. For this purpose, a study was commissioned a few weeks ago, which verifies the feasibility. A purchase of the collection is not a big problem, according to Paul Akerlund. Problematic and unbearable for the municipality is the maintenance, which is quantified with 4 - 6 millions of crowns a year.

At the moment Innovatum, the research center of Trollhättans, is on board and also in the region of Västragötland we are exploring if support is possible.

Akerlund told the media that a broad coalition of municipalities, unions, clubs and fans was desirable.

Trollhättan is about the industrial history and the roots of the region. For Saab fans, it's about a unique historical collection, from the original Saab to the latest studies, which should not be lost.

Although Saab successfully completes the reconstruction, Akerlund considers whether it would be better to remove the collection from the company and secure it permanently for Trollhättan and Västragötland.

I think that's a good idea that deserves support. I am thinking of writing a letter to Paul Akerlund assuring him of our assistance in case of need.

We should be prepared if help from the fans is needed to maintain the Saab Museum. I think the brand with the griffin should be worth it.

What is the Saab community thinking about? Should we stand up for the historical legacy of our brand, or is it a purely Swedish matter that does not concern us?


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  • Make it strong, definitely save! If necessary, if the plant and the company management does not support it, with a car and / or Saab-loving investor, there would have to be enough. Maybe the organizers of the museum should write letters of prayers.

    I still remember Mr Mteschitz, the owner of Red Bull, who also collects old planes and all kinds of means of transportation in his Hangar 7 in Salzburg ...

  • It would be possible to write to regular customers through loyal SAAB dealers (the text could come from the country's main bases worldwide) and point out the subject (including costly maintenance).

    Already 1 / 4 of the worldwide SAAB owners (about 300 000) could ensure the maintenance with annual mini-amounts (in Europe around the € 2,00 per owner)!

    This would be a suggestion from Schleswig-Holstein
    Julie and family

  • I think we should do something. If it comes to the worst and Saab can not hold the museum, then I am ready to make my contribution in the form of a donation.

    The collection must not be lost. I still hope and believe that Saab will pack it.

  • Of course, I meant Dietrich Mateschitz, the Red Bull founder and billionaire. I mean, it would not fit so bad, Red Bull Flugtage, Formula 1 with Sebastian Vettel and Saab! Why does not he even join Saab? In Salzburg and Austria, it is now entering, where politics and countries are failing! So why not at Saab?

    In addition, what about IKEA? Where is the national pride? I mean, we talk about ridiculous million euros at Saab, the companies mentioned but have billions as cash !!! You could pay for it from the petty cash.

  • What about Magna and Frank Stronach? That would also be a possibility that Magna comes to a car brand after it did not work out with Opel? Visionary thinkers are probably in short supply, it seems. You just have to look at the Poltik, until today no concept for the Euro-rescue, but it would be so easy ...

    • Philmos,

      Of course, Magna, Mateschitz, etc. also see that the entry of the Chinese at SAAB is imminent - the subject of SAAB automobiles would presumably only come to the fore if, contrary to expectation, the takeover by the Chinese should not work.

      A direct competing with Youngman Lotus / Pang Since the other companies would not have been successful in my opinion anyway.


  • In any case, save, if not we must all merge !!!!!!!!

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