Saab News China: Pang Da is waiting impatiently for new Saabs

At the weekend avoid the economic news wherever it goes, because first, the blog is already over months to economically heavy and secondly, we have already heard enough business news in every respect. Pang Da, next to Lotus Youngman, one of the future new Saab owners, released a message on Saab last week via the Dutch Pang Da representative and solicitor Peter Goes.

The future Saab shareholder and sales partner for China is still highly motivated and stands by his Swedish investment. Goes literally said, “Pang Da is more than impatient with the start of production. You can't wait to get cars for China. ”Good. With this, Pang Da joins the long line of impatient waiting.

The Chinese have already ordered and paid more than 2000 Saab and want to start distribution at the end of the year with 50 dealers. Already since the summer runs a, strange, but country-typical advertising, for the new Saab 9-5 sport combination in all larger cities. 50 dealer is very little, but the old Pang has a network of impressive 1000 dealers. The expansion is only a matter of time and Pang Da has already made it clear that 2012 would like to make bigger orders in Trollhättan.

Incidentally, the German dealer network is only available to just 120 dealers, and if I interpret the signs correctly we will approximate Chinese ratios by the end of the year. However, market adjustment increases the market opportunity for the remaining distribution partners and for the newcomers.

The final review by Beijing and the subsequent entry is expected by the end of the year. There are, so Goes, then still some technical issues to clarify before boarding. For example, the number of shares Pang Da receives depends on the current market price.

The Reutersmeldung is also to be seen against the background that a few days ago Pang Da warned of a loss of investment and said that was not so bad.

So Pang Da has clarified the matter and made a statement for each Saab. We have to be patient and also in China you have to be patient. A completely new experience in a world where everything has to be immediately and immediately available.


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    If the 50 traders are each in one of China's 50 largest cities, then they already cover a very large clientele of buyers. Even if a large percentage of Chinese are still too few
    deserves to be able to afford a car, so one must not except the total number of inhabitants
    Watch out

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    Let's hope that patience pays off

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