Saab News: The good news from Trollhättan

It's getting quieter around Saab, which I see as a good sign. After all, we've had enough excitement lately. If already headlines, then please positive messages. In Sweden, there is a lot that is happening, not just around Saab.

Salary payments to employees

Most Saab employees received wages for the month of August yesterday. This puts a lot of pressure on the families. Wages and salaries for September, secured by the state wage guarantee, come during the week.

Licensed funds from Youngman

No, the funds are not yet in the accounts. Actually, the approximately 650 million kroner was expected yesterday. The payment has been delayed, but is now expected during the week. So Saab press officer Erich Geers said. The payment gives Saab partner and future shareholder the non-exclusive rights to the Saab PhoeniX platform. With the receipt of funds, many things stand and fall. If the funds are on the Saab accounts during the week, then we could head for the first bottle of bubbly (or whatever). Because then Saab is not only a small step further but has made a big leap forward.

Subarus from Trollhättan

In January, the news went through the press that in the future Subarus should drive with gas-powered Saab tapes. The message turned out to be a rather fat newspaper duck. In Trollhättan Subarus were to be converted to gas propulsion. Due to the disaster in Japan, the project has been delayed, now it comes again.

Subaru Nordic, BRC Sweden and ANA are working on the project, which could start this year. Several thousand Subaru are to be converted annually to natural gas. For ANA, severely affected by the Saab Crisis, the project comes at the right time and is the lane on the horizon.

The conversion of Saab 9-3 to natural gas, a pillar of ANA, does not take place due to the lack of production for months, Suabru would be the second mainstay. Likewise the conversion of Saab 9-5 for the police. The orders were canceled after a long wait. As the old 9-5 in Sweden was and is popular with the police as a robust and resilient car, hopefully the orders will come back to Trollhättan with the start of production.

If the Saab production is running again, 2012 could be a good year for ANA. Then you would have two brands and several remodeling projects and thus a lot of work.


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  • So I'll come and stay in Saxony ... and you don't need to tell me if there wasn't that much in the 80s ... 😉

    I don't find the new 9-3 so well done in terms of the typical SAAB, especially not in terms of the materials in the interior ... the crackling and the alleged leather seats are really a laughing stock compared to the 9000 and 9-5 ... but I drive SAAB and nothing will change there! 🙂 Don't want anything that is written on every corner and my 9-3 is only available 4 times in the whole of Saxony ... man and you don’t easily mix it up! 🙂

    But what I have to say, up to now 60Tkm 2x oil change, brake pads and nothing else! No oil consumption and no other workshop visits necessary ... so thumbs up!

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