Saab Blog: No news from Sweden & slowly blogging & Saabbit

Today, there is little to nothing to tell about Saab in the morning. An agency message of TT on the topic came in today. Saab's parent, Swedish Automobile, has settled a legal dispute with Orange India Holding for which 26 million has been transferred to the Indians.

It is probably about Formula 1 activities of the Spyker subsidiary “Spyker Events & Branding” 4 years ago. OK, that says little or nothing to me, I've heard something about Spyker and Formula 1 somewhere. But no background knowledge. Perhaps a reader can say more about this.

Saab News is a bit delayed today, because I am out and about the day and spend only a little time at the desk. But, if anything interesting comes out of Trollhättan, it's our turn.

For Saab fans, there is a new, additional, communication platform that is in the making. Brandon gave me the info yesterday Saabbit emailed. Apparently, our brand is so attractive that even without a car make new blogs and forums.


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  • blank

    the Spyker F1 time was one, at least in the end, quite inglorious chapter. After buying / taking over an existing team, they had been able to stay afloat for some time.
    Parallels to Saab are certainly purely coincidental ... .. The main sponsor at the time was Orange. After a period of unsuccessful sport, the team was sold by Spyker again, which was a very sad story. Just burning money.

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