The Saab Phone and the Saab 9-3 Sportkombi

The Saab iPhone 4 covers that a good friend sent me from the USA sold out very quickly. After I “begged” for more covers, he is now packing a second “Saab Care Package” for Germany. Which is great, because some Saab fans are waiting for it. OK, at least that would solve this problem.

The Saab iPhone. Saab Cover for iPhone 4.
The Saab iPhone. Saab Cover for iPhone 4.

Our private Saab investment program enters the penultimate round. After our Saab 9-5 sports suit is fully equipped with everything that makes sense and is available, our new one is now available Saab 9-3 sportswear a deer upgrade and an engine block preheater. The 9-3 is a typical child of the crisis. Actually, we wanted to buy another model, with four-wheel drive and better equipment. I come out as a Saab 9-3x fan now. But there was not one we liked because of the crisis and so we saved a big amount that stays in the account. But that's how many Saab drivers are doing right now.

Saab 9-3 1.8t co-pilot Polly, in the future faster ...
Saab 9-3 1.8t co-pilot Polly, in the future faster ...

After the first 5000 kilometers we are, despite everything, very satisfied with the new Saabine. Sometimes less is maybe more. Depends on the point of view ...

Only the engine output of the 1.8 t, a pure marketing term, since a 2.0 liter is working under the hood, needs an upgrade. While everything is top notch in city traffic and on country roads, also due to the beautiful 6-speed gearbox, the lack of power on the highway is annoying. Above all, Polly loves sport, the slow jerking in the right lane doesn't work at all ...

Switching back by two gears is annoying and does not have to be. Currently our 9-3 is in Frankfurt at the Saab center and gets, thank goodness, a few more horsepower.

Apart from "only" 150 horsepower, the Saab is a great car, very well made and as it should be at home on long journeys. Anything else would have surprised us too.

Let's see how "she" walks with 195 turbo horses. The update follows.


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    Upgrade can and must be strongly recommended! I drive also (still, the days are counted) a 1.8t sport combination + deer. It's much better, it's more fun. The car has a better passage in the middle area and one is significantly more relaxed on the way. Have fun with it! HP

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