Swedish Automobile News: Spyker may be sold & Jensen

Update: 17: 27 / 21: 54

Saabsunited's friends reported it yesterday. Spyker Cars may have been sold to an American investor group called "North Street" for € 32 million. The report is not really interesting, because in my view the sale is irrelevant.

The proceeds go to the investment company “Tenaci”, which has pledged Spyker's assets. “Tenaci” is an investment company controlled by Victor Muller. Loans to Saab Automobile AB amounting to around € 2010 million had flowed through “Tenaci” by the end of 60. The financier behind “Tenaci” is again Antonov, so Muller in principle passes the incoming money on to Antonov.

This will reduce the debt of SWAN and Muller at Antonov, but for Saab the sale brings nothing. The question is, if you do not invest the money better in the restructuring, but that does not seem to be.

Especially since the contracts have not yet been legally signed and the negotiations, which is granted by Swedish Automobile, still fail. Spyker Cars has already been sold to investor Vladimir Antonov, but the sale has never been completed.

I have never finished the topic of the new website of Vladimir Antonov. Looking at the page, it seems to me that Antonov sees himself as Spyker owner. At least the Swedish news agency TT reports this afternoon that Antonov-controlled CCP Holding is still interested in Spyker.

But maybe I'm just a petty person who sees some things too narrowly. Because Antonov has long had a new toy, which he has announced. His CCP Global Holding announces the construction of the new super sports car Jensen Interceptors. You can read in the current mirror that car fans should already be waving blank checks here (and again).

Incidentally, Victor Muller will remain CEO of Spyker Cars after the sale. Hmm.

The price of Swedish automobiles today went through a speculative jump, trading at 1.16 €.

A blogger has the right to interpret some messages. As usual in journalism. I deliberately abstain from any comments today.

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4 thoughts on "Swedish Automobile News: Spyker may be sold & Jensen"

  • You could almost leave my miller and Antonov with Saab to the Chinese,

    they are afraid of being complimented by those anyway,

    I hope that the future "rulers" at Saab do better,

    Saab hats earned.

  • blank

    If only Mr. Antonov would have rather brought the matter to the end with Saab ... 🙁

    • blank

      well, if you look at his side like that ... understatement is somehow different, right?

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