Maptun Performance: EBC sport brakes for Saab 9000

The Saab 9000 is despite my age one of my favorite Saabs and is accordingly moved in everyday life. To keep the good 9000 up to date, it gets meaningful improvements that start with trifles such as current, better light bulbs and windscreen wipers. In keeping with the time when the front brake discs had to be replaced, Maptun Perfomance lowered prices for EBC sport brakes by 40%.

Maptun Perfomance: EBC sports brakes for 9000, "Red Stuff" brake pads
Maptun Perfomance: EBC sports brakes for 9000, "Red Stuff" brake pads

After a short consideration, contrary to the advice of some friends, I ordered in Sweden. Some say, a 150 PS Saab would be well served by the series brakes. I think you can not be good enough for the discipline of 100 on 0. The brake discs, perforated and slotted and at least around 240,00 Euro expensive, arrived after a good 10 days from Sweden. The communication with Maptun was as always first cream, the Swedes had added some nice details to the package. Thanks Fredrik!

Since there were not enough “Green Stuff” brake pads in stock in Sweden, the better “Red Stuff” components for sporting use were available at the same price. 😉 By the way, brake pads cost around € 80,00.

The question of questions. How does he drive? The mechanic, who was commissioned with assembly and test drive, was thrilled. I am too. The almost 14 years old Saab 9000 is thus in the range of good, modern cars. The brakes pack well and spontaneously. Logically, it also comes earlier in the ABS control range. The cool, red rubbers have a ceramic addition that makes it even more interesting and better.

The EBC brake needs a certain operating temperature that can be reached quickly. If it is cold, there are braking noises. The EBC brake is generally a bit louder than the standard parts - but just better.

Is it worth ? A friend said that no one needs it. Last week I met with well 200 stuff in a highway turn to the famous jam end. The already slightly graying Saab 9000 stood, whistling and regulating ABS, faster than the driving behind me, younger Audi. I have kindly, not without ulterior motives and self-interest, made a gap between Saab and guardrail free. The Ingolstadt then also needed. Any questions ?

What Maptun would need would be a German distribution center. Because the freight from Sweden cost more than 60,00 €. For Saab dealers, or free Saab workshops, it would be interesting and rewarding to invest in Maptun Performance. I think the Saab driver would be happy.

Now we are waiting for the strut brace for the 9000, which should be available soon. We are curious.

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    Hello Tom, Thanks for your return, the offer is so great
    because only something from the first hand helps. Yes, I'll get that, there
    I will not sell my Saabi. Only tires 205-60 on
    Super Aero and rear spoiler and everything is great. Best regards,
    I look forward to your contributions. Have fun. Marjan

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    Hello Tom, interesting report, my Saabi CSE is 20 next year! Please tell me which bulbs and wipers you are thinking of. I've been looking for a long time for new, “modern” bulbs and windshield wipers that don't spoil it and don't break the silence. I would still like to know why a strut brace, thank you Tom and write something new from Saabiland tomorrow

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      Hey, I like to do it. The headlights got the Philips Vision Plus H1. Makes a pleasant, soft and noticeably better light with the very good headlights and goes very well with the 9000. The windshield wipers are Aero Twin from Bosch, version without spoiler, lie very well and are a revelation especially on motorway journeys. Maybe not “original” but the everyday suitability is more important to me. Because the 9000 is such a brilliant car that I hate to go without it.

      The strut brace is said to increase stiffness a lot. A friend from Sweden is absolutely excited about it and Maptun does not come with the delivery. Wait patiently for 2 months now. When the strut is there, there is a report.

      Have a nice weekend !


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    Hi Tom,
    Doesn't quite fit here, but: Does anyone know anything about the announced 70 MEUR from Youngman? Did they arrive? It's so strangely quiet in this corner….
    Greetings, have a nice weekend and have fun with your upgraded SAAB's

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      Hej JoPe,

      no problem. It's very quiet in that direction. No info, no denials, no confirmation. Nobody sees a problem in there at the moment ... for whatever reason.

      Have a nice weekend, too !


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    Thanks for the report!
    Is it possible to replace the Maptun parts without further ado (TÜV, other spare parts, etc.) or are there certain guidelines?

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      You can do it without TÜV, the dimensions of the brake discs correspond to the original and are not a design change. The saddles are also standard. It is worth it…

      Have a nice Weekend !


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