Saab Week: Everything is getting better ...

September is over and I'm glad about it. Because from Saab specific point of view, the month of drama was unbeatable. October can only get better. Can he really? More on that later. Our hunted 9-3 Saabine we picked up in Frankfurt. The first impression is more than good.

Everything seems to have shifted up a gear. If you had to switch back to 9th gear with the Saab 3-1.8 4t in front of “Hirsch” to accelerate on the freeway, now things get really serious in 5th gear. But the A3 was too congested to be able to test the Hirsch tuning properly. At the weekend it goes to Northern Hesse, in the Kassel mountains Saabine can show what is possible.

Saab Oktoberfest Trollhättan

In Sweden, the Saab Oktoberfest takes place. Yesterday a German Saab convoy from Puttgarden started to Trollhättan and last night I had frustrated mails from some Saab drivers from northern Germany in the mailbox. Why did not write about it? Well, people, why?

Unfortunately, I associate bloggers RedJ von Saabsunited or Dirk von Saab Reisen at all German Saabevents, like the IAA Spezial, and will do so in the future. Because I think the blogs should pull together for Saab. However, it is a communicative one-way street and it comes from Saabsunited nothing, so that I have learned yesterday only by the mails from the convoy. Intention was not the intention of our blogger friends. However, it is more than a pity, but in the future, I hope you can change that at Saabsunited.

Definitely worth a visit Saabsunited at the weekend, because in Trollhättan you can see the new ePower Saab in addition to Hirsch and Maptun Performance.

For 2012 we should set up a Saab Festival in Germany. At a good time, maybe before the big Saab festival in Trollhättan. The time would be right for it. site statistics September

September was a month of crisis. Starting with the rejected reconstruction and the trembling and fear for the future. Saab is now in the reconstruction phase and hopefully safe. In Trollhättan one works hard on the future ability and will probably delete jobs. The Saab crisis has also left its mark on the access statistics of the blog.

In September, had more than 130.000 visitors, which is unhealthy in this particular month. In statistics you can clearly see the climax of the crisis and I'm glad that the traffic is slowly returning to normal.

What I wish for the future is less drama, better news from Sweden, but also a few hits less.

The other side is the. The blog has gained new readers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Many Saab friends, former Saab drivers or people who have always been interested in the brand from Sweden have read that Saab lives. So the blog has fulfilled its mission.

One more note. The blog has readers in the age range from 18 years to over 70 years. Everyone communicates peacefully and with level. I'm proud of that. Thanks to all readers. That had to be said.

Saab driver and brand change

Last week, the big issue was that dealers are about to disembark. What we did not shed light on is how the affected Saab drivers govern. Do you switch to the “Korea - Chevy” camp (Phew!) Out of loyalty to the handler? Or is the brand more loyal?

Decades ago, my father made a brand change due to dealer loyalty. He then changed in friendship to a Talbot Solara, a brand that fortunately long since disappeared from the memory of the mass. And rightly so, because the Solara was my father's most gruesome car and was eventually disposed of against an Audi 100.

There do not seem to be any tendencies in the Saab community. The drivers are more than loyal and only two readers here have announced a possible cheating by email. To Gothenburg. So around the corner. Okay, Volvo may be forgivable - I, too, have some affection for the worst-case scenario.


I say it quite openly. Have some patience. We are very close.

Everything is getting better ...

September was tough. But, we survived it. Will October be better? Except for a small uncertainty that remains and gnaws, I say yes. From a confidential source, I see what is happening behind the scenes. There are some positive things coming up and we will also experience a Saab comeback in Germany. Saab Germany boss Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and his team are on high pressure. Maybe we can see the first results in the next 1-2 weeks. We should be thrilled.

The weather is beautiful, it promises to be a golden October. Use the time. Also from Saab point of view it could come to a good annual conclusion. Stay tuned, the brand remains weighed. It is worth it .. And enjoy the weekend!


5 thoughts on "Saab Week: Everything is getting better ..."

  • Hello Tom

    what do you think when the production starts again?

    Would be nice if you contact me again.

    love greetings


  • Hi,

    I've been driving SAAB for 2 years now and more recently a 2006er SAAB 9-3 convertible 2.8T V6 Anniversary. Because of this, I have been reading this highly interesting and very informative blog for a long time and I tell Tom respect for his work to keep us up to date with the current events on SAAB.
    However, I also read the website of SaabsUnited regularly and must therefore say that here for over 1 week in detail about the convoy with routes, meeting places and dates, as well as in the Internet made street map sections is reported. So it would not be a problem to get the information you wanted.

    Greetings from the
    sunny Brunswick

    • True, but not everyone reads two blogs. Tom often associates with Saabsunited, which shows us that he is not a freak who cares about hits, but about the thing. That's a noble attitude.
      So everyone had time to find out, and next year we'll have our own Saab Festival in D

      • Hi all.

        I read both blogs regularly, but I miss Saabsunited Swades style. The new creators tick anderster and like to celebrate themselves. At, I did not think that Tom will last longer than 3 months. Wrong time to start in a difficult environment.

        I just say Chapeau!

        Saabfahrer Greetings


  • “For 2012 we should set up a Saab Festival in Germany. At a good time, maybe before the big Saab festival in Trollhättan. The time is ripe for it. "

    I can not wait any longer!

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