Swedish Automobile: Extraordinary General Meeting planned

Since the court's administrator, Guy Lofalk, moved in with Stallbacka, the headlines surrounding our carmaker have shrunk. That's a good thing, because now only facts count and until the end of the creditors' meeting at the end of the month is not much time. Until then, Saab must have a good plan and hard evidence for the future.

Guy Lofalk and Martin Larsson were in China last week, visited the new Saab owners Pang Da and Lotus Youngman Automobile. The new business plan and the Saab future were discussed, as was the Swedish Embassy in Beijing.

Martin Larsson is said to have been very well received by the Chinese. An insider even said "..the Chinese love him". Larsson is the favorite for the successor of Victor Muller, who will only belong to the supervisory board in the future.

The clock is ticking, and I think we'll soon see the first effects of the reconstruction. Denunciations are expected in the next few days, the entry of investors from China should be formally released by Beijing until mid-October. If the business plan of Saab finds the approval of the creditors, our car maker can finish the reconstruction successfully in November.

On the 11. In November, Swedish Automobile will call an Extraordinary General Meeting to amend the Articles of Association and to include the representatives of Pang Da and Younman Automobile on the Company's Board of Directors.

Saab would then enter a new phase in the company's history and the automotive industry in Trollhättan would be secured. It all sounds good, but it is a lot of work for everyone involved. The fight for and for Saab continues. Not only in Sweden, but also in Germany you are working hard on the future. Well, the course is right and I am optimistic that we will see a “happy ending”.

“Slow blogging” is the order of the day again today. I am on a family mission because there is also life beyond Saab. 😉

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  • Thank you Tom, the Sunday reading is there, like a Swiss watch. Yes slowly blogging is announced, I would be very happy if the tension subsides and Saabi brings the beautiful new cars to the people. There are a lot of them now and I can then take care of my 3 generations of Saab, frost protection, winter tires etc. Happy Sunday and the week

  • Hello Tom

    when is it expected to be produced?



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