Saab News: Yesterday in Review

After spending a very long day yesterday in a very boring North Hessian village with a modest internet connection, I'm back now. Even the food was very modest, which is not typical of the country. The freeway was empty during the night so I could at least drive out our hunted Saab 9-3, which was a small compensation for the day.

In Sweden yesterday there was little relevant. The Union union withdrew the bankruptcy petition against Saab Automobile and Saab Tools AB in Vänersborg on Monday, leaving only the petition of Takata Petri at the local court. After all, again it is a step in the right direction.

Today people in Trollhättan write about a car dealer called "Tovek", who is unknown to me and who sells Volkswagen in Saab City. More and more Saab customers are finding their way to VW, which is an effect of the crisis and the clever model policy of the Wolfsburg-based company. Because in Sweden there have been delicious turbo engines from VW that run with E2011 since 85.

Doesn't exist here in the country and it's a real shame. In Germany the focus is still on "fossil energy", in Scandinavia the Flexi Fuel Passat are being torn from dealers' hands. No wonder, the VW Passat is in third place in the registrations and the Volvo V3 can feel the Wolfsburg's breath on its neck.

So it's time to put on the tapes in Trollhättan. Many fans and drivers ask me when production starts. I can only guess. With luck we will see bands running in December. More realistic for me is the 2. KW 2012, because the suppliers also have Christmas holidays.

Bad news for the Trollhättan region came from Volvo yesterday. The factory in Uddevalla will be closed in 2013. In the factory, a joint venture between Pininfarina and Volvo, built in 1989 with a lot of government support, the Volvo “tin roof” convertible is built. The factory is only 65% ​​busy and Volvo has canceled its contract with Pininfarina. All 600 employees are to move to other plants. The Gothenburg car manufacturer is currently suffering from sales difficulties in the USA and is trying to save costs where possible.

For the region, with high unemployment no good news. The more important is that the chimneys smoke at Saab.


12 thoughts on "Saab News: Yesterday in Review"

  • it almost seems like you're telling me what i did over the weekend ...

    If I had known that, you could have left a saab

    • Hi Max,

      been in northern Hesse? In the Ahlsfeld area… ..? Didn't see a Saab - only mine was there 🙁

      • Hey, oh, I was even more northern, was in Kassel and had a boring weekend with slow internet connection

        I saw 4, but not your = (

        Have even seen exactly the same as mine, same color, same leather etc. was funny 😀

  • Hello Tom

    What's up with the Swedish Autobile shares?

    Greetings Tini

    • Hey Tini - don't panic. Nothing happened. There is also a short article as soon as I have my desk under control.

      Greeting Tom

  • Personally, that can happen to me in southern Hesse, but beforehand - who wants to enter the Saab-Club North and East Hesse?

  • Hello Tom!

    First of all, I read (and tremble) here for quite some time daily and would like to congratulate you on the great blog!
    What I'm currently missing a bit is an official confirmation of Youngman's 70 Mio payment for the Phoenix license. The money was supposed to arrive at Saab last week, but then it got very quiet on the subject. Do you know something new?

    • ... I recently asked myself ... the payment should be there last week. Is the payoff of the September rogue in danger?

      • They are already paid. 🙂

  • Northern Hesse is beautiful and I know there are minimum 2Saabines !!!

    • Hej Matthias,

      That's right, I know a lot of nice places in Northern Hesse and (actually) like to be there. The fact that there are at least two Saabines makes things even better 😉. My whereabouts yesterday was bad luck and - to save honor for Northern Hesse - the absolute exception!



  • uddevalla really has no luck with the volvo factory. it has been closed several times and its consequences have been visible everywhere in uddevalla. the last few years uddevalla has caught something again and now that.
    hopefully there will be another rescuer.

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