Swedish Automobile: What does the stock price do?

Some concerned readers - or shareholders - wonder how the current course should be interpreted. Yesterday, on our holiday in Germany, there was a Reuters report in the Netherlands, which affects the share price.

For the old shareholders and the future new majority owners, there are now tough negotiations. Yesterday, Swedish Automobile announced current negotiations with Zehjiang Youngman Lotus Automobile and Pang Da over a lower price per share.

In plain language: The Chinese play poker. Because our friends from the Far East have the better cards. More shares that will come over a new issue are more shares for the same money. This reduces the shares of the former owners and significantly increases the number of SWAN shares in circulation.

The consequence: The stock price falls, because the stock market is (almost) always a bet on the future. Thus, the price of 1.20 € on the 29.09 has grown to 0.86 €.

So we don't have to worry, unless - Hmmm - we have SWAN shares. But, as I have always said, the paper is speculative.

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5 thoughts on "Swedish Automobile: What does the stock price do?"

  • Tom, where are the 70 millions of euros left?

    • Tom does not have her * Irony mode off * When the money is there, he will write it. Be patient!


  • General:
    Nix against stocks, but too often loses speculators / investors / etc. but out of sight, what is behind it and / or what they can do with the trade (positive as well as negative).

    I find that the share value is often out of proportion to the real value and that the “bet / speculation in the future” that is often quoted is more of an empty phrase.

    Well, and about such great things as “second or millisecond trading” (I can't think of the right term), I don't want to say anything ... (doesn't belong here either).

    To Saab:
    They should rather go and not argue about a few percent .. the Chinese are (soon) "powerful in it" for a long time.

    And to buy Saab shares from connectedness or as a symbol, I find a sympathetic sign ...

  • Jow, the thing is speculative and if I would buy (I'm still ned) then only from my pure sympathy for Saab. Then, as a shareholder, I get my annual invitation to the AGM

  • ... that's how it is! For those of you who still haven't understood: Action should only be bought with play money. According to my observation, one can only live safely and adequately from stocks if one is employed in a company with a regular income and is allowed to play with other people's money. By the way: I bought SWAN shares in the doldrums and I won't look at them for the next year for Kostolani ...

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