Saab location: The Saab after-work edition…

Briefly, an overview of the Saab situation and a brief article for all Saab drivers for the after hours. The Süddeutsche Zeitung yesterday published a friendly Saab article about the meeting in Trollhättan. Something for the cozy evening and the Saab heart - recommended for reading.

On the other hand, if you need some adrenaline for the highway, you should read this bad article. The free PR portal “” is rightly free of charge. Apparently the editorial team has research problems, or problems with the conversion of Swedish kronor to €. However you turn it, the message operates with completely wrong numbers and before anyone can believe these numbers I hereby deny the assumed 760 million € debt.

There could be another problem in Sweden. Every day I receive emails asking for the 70 millions of royalties from Youngman. Saab Pressesprechee Eric Geers has today officially stated that the funds have not yet arrived. He said that it would take longer than expected, a fixed date does not exist. Saab may not build any new liabilities during the reconstruction phase and according to Geers money is available to cover the current costs.

Of course, Dagens Industri happily picked up on this topic, which was to be expected. As long as the administrator ordered by the court sees no problem, we should not see any. So, always stay cool

Have a nice evening everyone, and of course “Happy Saabing & Take Care”.