Saab News Sweden: Waiting for Lotus Youngman

Remember Vladimir Antonov? Back then, there was this never-ending story about getting started, which the Swedish National Debt Administration, the EIB, GM and whoever had to review. Sometimes you experience a déjà vu. At Lotus Youngman, the National Debt Administration is now waiting on paperwork.

By October 14th, they want to have checked the new Saab partner and give the green light to get started. For this purpose, the documents must be submitted to the Stockholm authorities by Friday. Anna Petre from Saab, now announced that it was "incredibly difficult to get the relevant documents". In contrast to Pang Da, Lotus Youngman is a family company and is not used to disclosing sensitive information to the public.

"I asked them for revised financial statements," said Anne Petre to Dagens Industri. “They asked me what it meant that they should be revised. They work with different expressions and rules than we do ”.

"The differences are big between Lotus Youngman and Pang Da". In contrast to Youngman, Pang Da is a stock corporation; the shares are traded on the stock exchange.

Hopefully there will be no delays due to missing or incomplete documents. Because, the clock is ticking and the schedule is tight. There will be no respite or respite. Pang Da and Lotus Youngman have an opportunity now and here that they must seize. We don't need new problems.

We keep an eye on the further development.


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  • Hi all!

    The facts are a bit strange because Youngman-Lotus has already cooperated several times with European companies in the last few years - perhaps the cause is also with the Swedish authorities themselves. Lately it has seemed to me as if the bureaucracy in Sweden also did is not exactly a role model for an understandable and efficient way of working. Here you have to approach the topic a little more benevolently from both sides, so that you can finally "get started"!

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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