Saab Germany lowers spare parts prices for older Saab

Something is happening at Saab. Saab Germany lowers the replacement parts prices for the older Saab models and offers drivers of the not-so-young Saabs an inexpensive way of having the service done at the best location possible for a Saab. At the Saab service company.

The price reduction applies to Saab 9000, Saab 900 Series II, Saab 9-3 I and early Saab 9-5 and will run until the end of the year. I'm happy about the action, the train is going in the right direction!

The Saab Press Release:

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  • A good start to the week. A sign of life from Saab, it's fabulous that something is happening. Let's see what Saab thinks, because the press has to remember that saab lives.

    In the new car catalog, Saab is no longer there. Sch…. Stuttgart Motor Press ...

    Nice week everyone


  • Super action. Nice that something is happening at Saab. Keep it up !

  • Moin Moin mac9-5

    All Saab partners have received the updated grocery list. So call and ask. Unfortunately I can not help with an updated list of dealers. I think only in January, we will see which dealers remain and which go.


    Tom Office Series

  • Nice action! Nice that something is happening !!! 🙂

    Fits, our car must soon anyway to the inspection and 1, 2 things could also be exchanged (display air conditioning and touch screen of the Navi {if it still exists and it does not blow up the frame)!

    But how do you find out in advance how high the “drastic price cuts” are and for which “selected” parts / products this applies?

    I usually hear such sentences from furniture stores and “electronics stores”! 😉 😉

    And as a tip to Saab D:
    How does this look in the course of this action with an updated and reliable Saab dealer list?
    I know here at and within a radius of about 50 kilometers namely currently no longer where there is still a really existing, serious Saab dealer.

    As I wrote in a previous post, in the last few years (10-15) all Saab dealers (in our case 3) have gone bankrupt or, if they should still exist, there are only 2-3 used cars (some others Brands) in the shop window and no longer have a very trustworthy effect.

  • Does that also apply to Saab Austria? Do you know something there? Does Sweden seem to go out?

  • Thanks for this information!
    In this case, the inspection will be requested tomorrow

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