Automotive News China: Geely has no interest in Saab

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An official denial of Saab-Geely speculation comes from China. Geely PR boss, Yang Xueliang, told Automotive News China not to be interested in the car manufacturer from Trollhättan. It is admitted to have met the administrator Guy Lofalk. However, as Yang Xueliang said, this was for "reasons of courtesy."

The waves hit the worldwide Saab community. Saabsunited discusses highly speculative conspiracy theories. Yesterday you wondered if Guy Lofalk had acted illegally, today you are trying to smooth the waves. Although it is not at all clear what Lofalk should have done. Rumors say he tried to "chill" Lotus Youngman.

What's really going on behind the scenes is hard to say. I receive signals from Sweden, which are very contradictory. The Saab official sources have been silent so far, even Steven Wade's blog is, due to holidays in silence.

Via Bloomberg, Eric Geers, Saab PR chief, announced today that “there are several interested parties for Saab”. But, he added, "we have binding contracts with Pang Da and Lotus Youngman."

An opinion from Guy Lofalk would be interesting and helpful. This could end speculation.


Have a look, as they say in Bavaria.


5 thoughts on "Automotive News China: Geely has no interest in Saab"

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    I think it would be a mistake to comment on everything. This can affect, if not endanger, current things.
    even if we like to see it differently: currently we are not important and can only act mentally supportive. we are not the nabel of the world and not for saab.
    especially if it does not work out as planned with youngman, the chinese would surely understand it as affront, they would publish it. This could then completely ruin the whole.
    when things are finished, or when real decisions are made, you will hear something, I am sure.

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      the stupid thing is that the press does not stick to it. See the article in the aftonbladet or the conspiracy fetishists at SU. That's why we should always pay attention to what we post here. Because I'm sure that our mood will be observed by some.

      LG Leif

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        hello leif,

        that is unfortunately correct. it brings us and yet did not say anything to respond to every press release. su has proven to be a bearer service in my opinion.
        one does not have to comment on the partly nonsensical verbiage of journalists and, above all, not take everything as a bare coin just because it writes a newspaper.

        Many greetings


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    It should be clear to everyone that you can not make a comment on every newspaper report and should.
    At the moment I find the rumor mill only counterproductive.

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      What should be dealt with in detail in any case, is the still outstanding payment from Youngman-Lotus: What is the real reason here - are there really only problems with the execution or has the interest of the Chinese subsided despite existing contracts?

      If the latter applies, it would be advisable to act quickly with regard to the other interested parties (who, according to Eric Geers, are present). Hopefully a billion-dollar Indian corporation will be there - besides Tata-Motors from Ratan Tata, as is well known, others are located there and the state decision-making bodies in India are much more pleasant than those in China!

      An official statement on the overall theme of the house SAAB-Automobile would certainly now times appropriate!


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