Saab News China: BAIC-Saab C70 production starts in November

It is so far. In Trollhättan are still the tapes. The old Saab 9-5 gets its rebirth in the Middle Kingdom, albeit with his reincarnation is happy, I dare to doubt. In China, BAIC will start production of the BAIC C9 based on the Saab 5-70 of the first series next month. After seeing various studies at various auto shows, this picture seems to represent the production version. Hmm

BAIC C70 based on Saab 9-5 I, production version (?)
BAIC C70 based on Saab 9-5 I, production version (?)

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, they say. You can no longer recognize Saab genes from this one picture, I liked each of the numerous studies better. Maybe it's a good thing. Because we want to see clones of our Saab 9-5 in China with the “Beiqui” - that's what BAIC is called in China - see the logo driving around? Well, rather not.

The “new” Chinese car is somehow reminiscent of an old Chrysler that was tightened again after a makeover.

Let's take a look at the good old Saab 9-5, here's the version of 2007 as an Anniversary, and let's face it, which is neutral, of course, which of the two could be the newer car.

Then we realize how good and timeless Saab Design from Sweden is 😎. The BAIC has its design future behind it, the Saab 9-5 is still timelessly beautiful and up-to-date and a little bit futuristic. Amazing for a car, which was already well over the zenith at the time and was only minimally updated. The 9-5 will probably mature into a classic, because it is definitely the last Saab with a gearbox and engine from its own production. I can already hear the voices from the future saying that he is the “last real Saab”. 😉

If you had not sold the Saab 9-5 tools and engines to China and you had the old Saab 9-5 sports car as a classic continue to build until the production start of the new sports, the old 9 5 would have certainly found its buyers. Volvo had done that in the hiring of the old 240er station wagon, the Classic versions were gratefully bought by the fans.

It would probably have brought more money into the coffers and the plant in Sweden would have been better utilized. The customers and dealers would have been grateful. Sold is just sold, some decisions at Saab are consequently quite short-sighted. Unfortunately. But these are unpleasant "what-if" stories that don't really get us anywhere.

Anyway. Production in Shunyi starts in November. BAIC has acquired the rights and tools for the 9-5 Series 1 platform, two Saab engines and two gearboxes, as well as the rights for the “pre-facelift” Saab 9-3 2009. The Chinese Saab 9-3 derivative will also roll off the assembly line in China with an electric drive.

Still, I hope Trollhättan throws the tapes and the Saab 9-3 ePower finally comes on the market. Before the cousins ​​from China, of course.


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    A short note on the styling of the BAIC C-70:
    Having spent 30% of my annual working hours in China for many years, I believe I know the tastes of customers in the world's largest market quite well. The styling meets the Chinese taste in a nutshell and so the success of the model will adjust quickly. You have other ideas in the Middle Kingdom to look like a car and of course that's a good thing. The Chinese can not do anything with Saab genes anyway. So I do not think that the BAIC vehicle already has its future behind it. In contrast to those responsible in the beautiful Trollhättan one knows apparently in China what the customer wants and how one fulfills these wishes.
    I'll have to wait a while longer to fulfill my Saab wishes here in Germany.

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      Hej Bernd,

      that is absolutely correct and the design criticism was of course related to our European tastes. BAIC itself said that buyers for the C70 would not want to search in the metropolises of China, but in the medium-sized cities and provinces. Probably therefore a consciously conservative demeanor. That is why they advertise that the C70 is based on a well-engineered and proven car, values ​​that are important to the intended group of buyers. As you say, BAIC knows what the customer wants ...

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    It's good that the BAIC Saab no longer looks for Saab, then Pang Da can do more
    Original Saabs sell and Trollhattan is busy

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    Whenever I look at my friend's 9-5 I (Bj. 99) I think ... This car could never have been built in 99 ... It looks way too 'young' for that ...

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    Yes, absolutely, total approval. That with the Classic would have been a good idea.

    Even without a facelift looks the 9-5 Series I still good and modern, just timelessly beautiful.

    I always drive a 9-5 from 2003 with the great 2,2 TiD engine. I think the car is absolutely up to date. Now there is also a station wagon with the same engine ...

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