Saab News: Victor Muller crisis meeting in Stockholm

Update: 14: 29

Without drama, it does not seem to go at Saab. The Swedish news agency TT reports that Saab CEO Victor Muller is in Stockholm today. There will be a crisis meeting with representatives of Lotus Youngman, Pang Da and the administrator Guy Lofalk. Whether government representatives participate is currently unknown.

On the way to the crisis meeting, Muller made a brief statement. “Guy Lofalk did a good job. There are no plans to replace Lofalk. ”Which would at least be a rumor out of the world.

It was also confirmed that Lofalk had the talks with Geely without the knowledge of the Saab management. It is still unclear why Youngman does not pay any license fees. Maybe it is just the caution of the Chinese, after it became known that Lofalk talks in parallel with Geely.

It is becoming increasingly clear that without the promised funds from China, the reconstruction process will be stopped. Because the cash holdings are almost used up. Then Saab will have to go bankrupt.

It is a real drama with high tension, which I would like to do without. As long as all parties talk, it is a good sign. We remain patient, as we have for months. And wait.


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    you can also wait until Saab goes bankrupt and then go to the shopping door quite cheap 🙁. Let us be surprised, let's see what the new day may bring. Hopefully something clever 🙂



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    after the press release about the upcoming license agreement, handled by a kind of transfer company, there was no official confirmation that the deal would actually come to fruition. Who knows what “details” were still open at that point in time ... Perhaps the whole thing was knitted with a needle that was a little too hot.
    I do not hope that Youngman will play poker; the danger that the most important capital of SAAB will fade in the meantime would be enormous.



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    In Switzerland, Saab dealers seem to have lost confidence in the brand. The purchase contracts are canceled without any problems (not a matter of course in Switzerland, since a purchase contract is usually binding). In addition, they have apparently imposed a purchase stop for Saab used cars. Dealers of other brands do not want to know anything about Saab used cars. The exchange offers, if any, are around 30% below the effective vehicle rating. The current situation in Sweden and the lack of communication with dealers will hardly improve the situation.

    Greetings from Switzerland

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      If it ever comes to a restart then true construction work is needed. It was so much porcelain zerdeppert that you do not know where to start.

      I think here in D you do not get Saab sold at the moment. Trust is on the ground, good that I want to keep mine

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    After all, it's good that there is still talk. The Chinese are just playing poker a bit,
    they also know that their 70 Mill is needed urgently, and you can (want to) do some more
    get more favorable conditions. But I could very well do without this "drama".
    I feel like a serial drama without knowing how many sequels
    there are

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    So if the story of SAAB ever appeared as a thriller or thriller, we will probably be the first pre-order here

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    The hope dies last known. I think the Chinese push through your terms and then comes the money.

    But is already a thriller.

    LG Leif

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    “Guy Lofalk did a good job. There are no plans to replace Lofalk. "

    It's almost like in the Bundesliga! :-) As soon as the sentence “We stand behind the coach and he'll be on the bench on the next matchday”, the coach can actually pack his things.

    Let's see how the story ends here. “…. did a good job ”or“ does a good job ”. That's another fine difference.

    Then let's hope more ...

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    Wood eye be vigilant. Behind slit eyes are probably very thick slotted ears

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    But now it's over with the poker and the associated drama!
    The companies got Phoenix and now they don't want to pay the bill ... And that in relation to a country where the honor was originally capitalized ...

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