Saab calendar sheets October 2011

The Saab thriller in Sweden is still running, the battle is only lost when it is over. As long as our hopes go to Trollhättan and I think a little mental break is good for us. Actually, it is an auto blog about great cars from Sweden and what goes with it. Therefore, briefly back to the origin ... 😉

In September, there were no Saab calendar sheets from our friend Roy Chui. I started to be seriously worried, but in October he is here, with new ideas. As always, a classic Saab and a more recent model of our Swedish manufacturer, which worries us many.

Saab calendar sheets October by Roy Chui
Saab calendar sheets October by Roy Chui

For those who are looking for a change from the calendar sheets from Trollhättan. From Sweden usually come only the very latest Saabs, which is logical.

Roy Chui is always a great alternative and his work for the brand shows the true spirit. The Saab 92 by plane has something and is my favorite of the month. However, it is not entirely clear to me whether the plane also comes from Saab ...

Thank you to Hong Kong!


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    Thanks so much Tom for introducing my works again! It's very kind of you! Yes, my Mac computer was down in SEP, so couldn't work on the wallpapers… but now everything are fine! By the way, the plane in the 92 wallpaper is actually a Saab plane, someone told me that it's a SAAB 91 Safir. Nice plane, great for daily use, right? Thanks again !! CHEERS!

    Roy :))))

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    Oh yes, it's a Saab - more precisely, a Saab 91 Safir. Developed in the 40s, it was also a trainer aircraft for Deutsche Lufthansa in the 50s and 60s.

    It's really good not to read anything about the drama at our car manufacturer, my nerves are slowly really not taking it anymore ... 🙁

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    I also noticed about September ... puuuh, it seems to be going on - let's just book September as a “late summer break”! 😉

    On the “leaves” there are (usually always) very nice pictures.
    (This year, by the way, I found February, August and October to be the best so far on the right, even if I don't find the normally "pimped" Saabs so great - but the August picture is simply well done!)

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