Saab News: Speculation and misunderstanding

In Sweden, our carmaker may turn the last lap. If no miracle happens. The situation is so contradictory that I think everything is possible. Pang Since Saab has again assured the support and stands with Lotus Youngman side by side with Saab.

All good ? No, a big Chinese theater takes place in front of us, where all actors play poker. The decision of the NDRC over the Saab entrance is to take place on Friday. Lotus Youngman has filed an application, as well as last Friday, papers from Youngman at the Swedish debt management. Well.

Pang Da? No application submitted, says Pang Quinghua to Reuters, contradicting Saab CEO Victor Muller, who told Reuters that they were "On track with both Pangda and Youngman".

Again a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation? Was not there the visit of the evaluation commission on the weekend? The fact is that Pang Da wanted to pass on the majority of his shares to Youngman after the purchase. In the long term you see yourself as a distributor and only interested in the distribution rights.

It's an endless cacophony we hear from Sweden. A fight with very hard bandages and, as many readers say, poker for power and advantage.

Let us make no illusions. Presumably it continues until the last second. Then we either hear a rescue message for Saab or the patient is dead.

And because today is my speculative day, I look again to Amsterdam, to the share of "Swedish Automobile", ex Spyker. Actually, the stock should be going strong south on this news. Does not she. We currently have a rate of around 94 cents and over 4 million of the notes were traded in the morning.

Where a seller is, there is also a buyer. One who could already have 10% of shares. Who buys ? As I said, today is my speculative day.


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  • What happened to our former friendly Scandinavian brand ...

  • I'm also slowly not getting it anymore ... Finally get the ship into calm waters and start running! Man ey ...

  • blank

    Slowly enough there were “misunderstandings”, which are obviously due to the idiosyncratic way of working and communicating at VM. That may still work for a small sports car manufacturer, but at SAAB there is a little more responsibility to bear here: for the brand, but above all for the employees.

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    And in my opinion, in addition to power, poker and vanity, there is at least as much a lack of intercultural understanding in this whole drama. When I read through some of the comments here on how “the Chinese” is (or seems to be) in general, then I am no longer surprised. Incidentally, it would not be the first time in economic history that something like this failed because of the intercultural issue. All the more a shame ...

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      The behavior of VM should not have pleased the Chinese. First Youngman, then Hawtai and then Youngman again. For me and for my friends in Sweden VM is incomprehensible.

      How should a different cultural group comprehend this unpredictability and jumpiness?

      I sit down in my Saab and release for today. I have enough. : -;

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