Saab Update: The Swedish Theater in Trollhättan

The situation around Saab is a bit quieter, at least for the moment. Much depends on the assessment of the current situation by the administrator Guy Lofalk. The Chinese partners have today tried to revise some statements, and stand by the closed contracts.

Pang Quinghua, the CEO of Pang Da, today emphasized for anyone who wanted to hear that he was convinced that the contracts were approved by the NDRC. We'll see, in 48 hours we probably know more. To Reuters he said, it is up to the administrator to determine whether the contracts are valid or not. If Guy Lofalk has doubts, he will have to cancel the reconstruction.

Peter Hallberg of Saab was in Stockholm yesterday at the crisis meeting of Saab, Pang Da and Lotus Youngman. He says he has a good feeling about it and he is sure that the money will be up to 21. October at Saab. It's a thing of feeling, as we all know, sometimes they're fooling us a lot. But we should see it as a good sign, because from the 21. October, Saab must be able to pay wages out of their own pocket.

From that point on, no intentions or feelings or promises will help. Only hard facts and numbers.

All clear? Not quite, but a respite. If the situation were without perspective, Lofalk would have pulled the rice line today and finished the drama. But he does not have until the minute. A good sign.

Tomorrow the curtain of our Swedish theater will open for the next act. Whether it be drama or comedy, one can only guess.


7 thoughts on "Saab Update: The Swedish Theater in Trollhättan"

  • Sounds good

    If I had something less than 443 km approach I would come along.

    Have fun on Sunday!

    Tom Office Series

  • Very much,

    We meet at 12: 00 clock on the toom parking lot in Freital near Dresden, so that we can start at the latest 12: 30 clock. For 14: 00 clock I have planned in the "Customs House" in Neuhermsdorf. I hope there are still free places if spontaneously even more ride!
    Then it goes back direction DD and I do not know yet.

    The weather should be cold with 12 degrees, but with full sun!

    Well then, maybe we'll see you ...

    Sunny greetings from Saxony

    PS: I hope I get from the planner of the exit no on the cover!

  • Hey Alex.

    write something about your Saab exit on Sunday. Perhaps one or the other reader would like to participate ... 🙂

  • ... as if I had known! 🙂

    I look forward to the celebration on Sunday !!!

  • Good morning,
    well, is that good news for October 13th ???????
    You're invited ... .. champagne breakfast :-)))


  • It sounds a little better ... how and what you write! 😉
    Today I was close to selling the last shares ... but I still have them !!! So it goes on ...
    Have a nice evening ...

    PS: On Sunday there is a SAAB exit in Freital (near Dresden) 12 o'clock let's go ... just like that! 🙂
    and I hope we can toast to a rosy future!

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