Saab News Briefing: NDRC decision may be delayed

The decision of the NDRC in Beijing was expected for tomorrow, Friday. Due to the national holiday and the related celebrations, China was “closed” for a week. Therefore, the decision regarding Saab, Pang Da, Lotus Youngman will be delayed a little. Maybe a week, according to the news agencies.


2 thoughts on "Saab News Briefing: NDRC decision may be delayed"

  • Oh my God! There is always a reason to extend the thriller and if it's just a "sudden" holiday that nobody has known about until today? Is there anything in this story that really works - that you can rely on?

    Dear Guy Lofalk let's finally run the production tapes again, so that finally money flows into the cash register again!

    Sorry Tom - of course that's absolutely nothing against you - on the contrary :-) The longer it goes, the longer the fuse blows me more often!

    So now I'm calm again and have patience - which is very fashionable this year.

    Thank you Tom for your timely reporting - Cheers!

  • Hmmm ... and that with the national holiday you did not know before and that came so suddenly and unpredictable?

    Man, man, man ... Saab is "about the sausage" .. and such "unpredictable" things happen again and again ... ..
    Believing in Saab becomes more difficult the longer you follow the story!

    Respect and appreciation for your willingness, giveaway, your writing style and your commitment !!!!
    For that alone you would have deserved a “free model” from Trollhättan or Frankfurt! 🙂

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