Saab Sweden and Germany: Saab News on Friday

After the situation has calmed down a bit, back to the really important Saab things. The municipality in Trollhättan rehearsed in the course of the Swedish crime thriller around our carmaker quite a few scenarios to support the job-seeking residents.

Contrary to all forecasts, very few Saab employees have registered as jobseekers. That, even though 6 months the production stands. The employees expect a good exit in Trollhättan, according to the local TTELA.

In contrast to the engineers, where there is a trend towards emigration, it is the production staff who are loyal to the employer. For Saab that's good, because without well-trained and experienced employees in production no good cars run off the line.

But, now comes the famous "but". The rationalization and streamlining plan is in full swing and will be completed by the end of the month. The overhang of staff in production is obvious and so it will affect production employees as well as jobs in administration.

From China, the funds now seem to be piecemeal on the way to Sweden. Youngman seems to be keeping the commitments and Saab seems to be able to continue with the reconstruction even after the end of the wage guarantee. These are, very carefully, good signals.

A thing in Trollhättan but brings me on the palm. It is Hans Ryberg, the boss of Kronofogden in Uddevalla. He wants to spoil my mood on this beautiful, sunny autumn day and speaks, again, of a compulsory auction of the Saab collection. He already has 50 to 60 prospects and claims over 2.5 million. If the reconstruction is over, he wants to strike again.

Does the man make friends? No, he does not and he fueled a discussion that is unnecessary like the goiter and that produces only negative scraps. If the reconstruction succeeds and goes according to plan, then the claims are served to 100% and the museum is saved.

Not so good are the signals from Germany. The old topic is the traders who disembark. Unfortunately more and more sadly their Saab shield is screwing off. That's tough and I do not dare to forecast how many dealers we'll see on our list by the end of the year. I still have the hope that the trend will turn at the last minute, but currently it does not look that way.

In our house are some signs of past crises. Fortunately, our home is not up to standard and there is enough space. So stands with us a Saab Scania neon sign, from the time of GM acquisition of Saab. At that time many small Saab dealers were disposed of in favor of Opel factories. The ad came to me from one of the very old Saab dealers.

Then there is a Saab dealer column in the current version, which went overboard in the last Saab crisis at a Saab partner from Hesse.

Next week, a Saab neon sign will be added, which was unscrewed before 14 days in southern Germany. That's kind of sad and shows the drama about Saab.

No reason for us to poke our heads in the sand. If the Saab production starts again and the future is secured, then there will be new dealers and a new perspective. Old things disappear and new things come. Example Land Rover / Jaguar. After getting out of the grip of Ford and finding good, responsible owners, things are moving towards the future.

Jaguar has been poorly represented in my homeland so far, an old, miserable car dealership blew the sails off years ago, so they have now found a new dealer, which sold previously used, high-priced Mercedes and Porsche. The dealer, in a prime position and financially strong, is now really on the gas.

So it could go Saab, 2012 or 2013, with new models and new owners. The future is open when Sweden acts more cautiously and responsibly in the future.

Small, uncertain steps have already been taken during this week. Now is time to re-learn how to run.


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    Well, I live in Siegen and I am hardly ever greeted back here ... What a shame!

  • So we old 99 and 900 still greet each other. Ok, not all, but often and joyfully. That's how it should be.

    From the 9-3 it will be exciting. Somehow there was a break. Some just can not stand so much closeness

    I continue to greet. Now all readers. Everton

    • blank

      In the old 9-3 I are greeted more often than in the 9-5 I. In areas where Saab is less common, ie in the countryside, significantly more. Not really at all in cities. In Potsdam I have been greeted by Saab drivers several times, I was in the 9-3 I limousine.

  • blank

    Colleague today: yes, it's still a young car 2-3 years old ...

    And I just: “he's bj. '05 ... "

    I had my 9-3 2.0T have fun with his touareg yesterday 🙂

    I just love my saab <3

  • blank

    To Tini: I'll do it ...
    To Mark: How, just gone ... don't even know what you mean 😉
    You all a colorful weekend

  • blank

    I've tried several times - no matter whether with the 900 or the new 9-5, no carrion greets back.
    I have therefore set it again, so I do not have it then.

    • blank

      I've tried many times. A greeting rarely came back ... What a shame!

  • blank

    Hello people

    I think after everything that has happened so far, we Saab drivers could greet each other as before. For me that would be a sign of togetherness and solidarity with our brand.
    It used to be like this. ;-)

    Greetings Tini

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    just the man of the package service:

    wow, what is that - is that saab's s-class?
    a huge ship!

    also nice.

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      My new entry 9-5 Sport Combi 2,2 TiD Vector in cosmos blue with the cool rims and full equipment has already caused some excitement. He is built 2002 and has some signs of wear. Everybody thinks that is exactly how it is made. He is just cool and above fashionable frills.

      On the highway, despite the 2.2 TiD engine rear, no one dared to harass me. A new experience.

      • blank

        Hello Philmos;

        it's always different with me. Because of the 1.9 TiD shield jostle many beamers, Mercs, etc. Unfortunately, the deer label misinterpret: o))

        Many of the jostlers are simply gone after accelerating ...

        • blank

          I prefer to do that with my 9-3 Series I 2.2 TiD, which goes like hell and consumes with such acceleration orgies. They all jostle hard, although it has no engine plate on the back, just the type designation 9-3. Nobody will recognize the old 9-3 as something special ...

          In Austria, it is harder to depend on larger sedans and SUVs, since they almost all have a high-torque diesel engine (diesel share in Ö is at 70%). In Germany, Audi, BMW and Mercedes drive mostly as gasoline, because it is an easy game.

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            consumes little, I wanted to say.

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    Let's see positively: new signs are quickly screwed back on and then shine even more beautifully than the old ones. A fresh wind can also do you good.



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    Hi Tom,
    also we here in Mainz, (Autohaus Scholl GmbH since 37 years Saab) to Saab and to our loyal customers. The last three years were heavy and not always easy, but we have always
    Optimism broadcast. We hope, of course, that it goes on and we can bring the beautiful great Saabs to the man or woman. Everyone is waiting eagerly and we hope for a good ending or a new, hopeful beginning.
    Greetings from Mainz,

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    Hi Tom,
    mount the whole Saab-advertisement clearly visible on the outside of your house and set up inside a relaxation zone with café and information shop for stressed Saabfahrer

    I almost can not hear it anymore when people ask for my cars or comment on them. Constantly you have to refute the negative reports of the press on Saab, the following variants have arrived with the people:

    a) Saab, why problems? I did not know yet. This is rather rare and rather comes from people who only know Saab on the edge as a car brand, so are not car fans.

    b) Saab, they are broke or right? This is the most common variant, more has not arrived in humans. Well, I'm talking about the general public, real car enthusiasts with an interest away from the mainstream already know more details up to the current status

    But I like to inform, even if I already feel like a pastor on the mission

    LG from Austria,

    • blank

      You are clairvoyant, right? It will probably not be that extreme, and nothing will be revealed 😉 But we are currently doing some renovations over winter and spring. When they are finished, the column goes outside and is illuminated ...

      Good luck with your mission!

      • blank

        Yes, apparently I have such skills

        • blank

          Well, I think if I put it on the street Saab sued me. Believe there is no humor. No, the column is not visible in the private area, only for insiders. With Saab workshop and garages

          Have a nice weekend


    • blank

      So I only know: “Why do you buy a SAAB? You're stupid? They're broke! "
      I just: "They are not broke, the last word is far from being spoken!"

      : DDD

      All Doofis -.- ^^

      • blank

        It's true, but now I'm over it. I always hear “You can never get rid of him now”. I don't want to either.

        It goes on, because it has to. At some point in Sweden you will come to the solution.



        • blank

          Wrong attitude of people to buy a car with the will that one “can” get rid of it. I never did and I never will. So far I have "got rid of" every car, and that by selling it. Then people have a car that they can get rid of, that they may not like at all. I've driven exotic cars all my life, reselling was never an issue.

          But the attitude also extends to real estate, everything has to be get rid of, to be flexible. * * Kopfschüttel

          I now have four old Saabs running on two plates. People suspect that I'm up to something, just do not know what.

  • blank

    Fortunately, my SAAB - Center Frankfurt won't close so quickly, that's the only good thing =)

    I want to have a neon sign ... 😀

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