Rearview mirror: How press works and the Saab I do not like

We are used to drama and big theater. But the week was also full of drama for storm-tested Saabians. We can learn a lot from this. We can see how press work works and how it doesn't. Saab press chief Eric Geers and his crew have been living with the crisis for months and they are in a difficult position. Because of the lack of coordination of possible Saab partners and also due to indiscretions, reports came to the public that should not have been. Geers has a very difficult job ...

Wednesday was another day. Old Pang is no longer with Saab. Allegedly a translation error, if that was the case, or maybe the truth. The message made its way and was soon denied by Saab. Pointless. Then another letter of support from Pang Da. Without effect. Then a message from SWAN (Swedish Automobile), but who the hell is interested in SWAN in the German press. And how does the ominous SWAN press distributor work? Just.

In addition, bad news is good for business.

For example in Handelsblatt, where China drives Saab into bankruptcy, published after the counter notification, which one ignored. But the place 1 at Google. The bad news is public, the day had run from a media perspective. Yesterday at noon at Handelsblatt looked for good Saab news. None.

Then today at 15: 07 PM, the good Saab message comes over the car media portal and from now on seeps into the German networks

ampnet - 14. October 2011. Saab received first money from Chinese car company Youngman. It should be around eleven million euros. Recently announced 70 million euros were initially missed. The leading bus manufacturer in China, together with the vehicle wholesaler Pang Da, plans to invest some 245 million euros in the troubled traditional Swedish brand. Further tranches will follow later in the month.

With the bridging loan, Saab could pay the outstanding salaries for its employees in Trollhättan. No cars have been rolled off the assembly line for months because suppliers could no longer be paid. An insolvency had Saab owner Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars in the Netherlands, in the past month by a restructuring plan averted. (Ampnet / jri)

This is how the press work, bad news spreads in no time, others very slowly.

Stop blogging?

This week I got a lot, very warm mails from Saab fans from all German speaking countries. It was about the announcement to end the month the blog.

To explain: The blog is a passion, which is supposed to support the brand positively Saab. But, the blog was also planned as a pure pastime and hobby with two authors. My co-founder Marco rose, as is known, very fast. What was also unpredictable is the momentum that the blog has developed in the German-speaking area. If I sum up the hours I spend with Saab every day, then it has become a real job.

That alone would not be a drama if the situation at Saab were a bit more relaxed and transparent. At the moment, I still see the future with many, many question marks and too few perspectives. And to be honest, a project has been haunting my head for some time, where I am forced to make a decision slowly. It has nothing to do with cars or Saab, is much more relaxed, sustainable and very attractive.

Maybe the situation also turns the blog into giving others good hands. I have already had a conversation about this and we will see how it works out.

In any case, I say a big thank you for the mails and I will not make the decision easy, that is promised.

The Saab I do not like.

How infected is someone who writes about Saab every day in addition to his job? Is this person still to help and is he still capable of criticizing? He is what I find somehow reassuring.

At some point, every series will come to an end. In recent months, I've been able to drive four new Saab, which is already a feat at a manufacturer who steadfastly refuses to build cars. There were two Saab 9-3 TTiD4who absolutely loved me. There is the Saab 9-3 sports suit 1.8twhich we bought and currently priced. Then there was a short meeting with one Saab 9 5 XWD, All new Saab were first cream and after each test drive I was annoyed by the fact of dormant production.

This week my good friend Silvio called me, who invested a lot of money in his old Saab 9-5 because he does not want to change the brand and there is no new Saab for him. He had a Saab 9-3 convertible as a replacement car from the workshop and said it was a terrible car.

Now, before my Saab 9-5, I also had a Saab 9-3 Cabriolet that, when it was driving, was a lot of fun. Most of the time, however, the box preferred well-tempered workshop halls instead of getting its tires dirty on the street, and was a complete Monday car. Yes, that also happens at Saab. I then took terrible revenge on this load by selling it 😎. But this is another story.

I cut it short, because the day was demanding and I want to switch off to the sun and my Mac now. After a short drive on the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet, I agreed with my friend Silvio. The cabriolet, a terrible box.

Now not all Saab Cabriolet drivers should cry out in agony, because there is a reason. So please relax. I'll explain the reason in detail on Sunday, so much tension must be ... 🙂


9 thoughts on "Rearview mirror: How press works and the Saab I do not like"

  • So I have the 9-3 cab MY 2007, so far no problem, runs great

  • 9-3 I seems to be much better in quality than the early years of the 9-3 II. Also the interior is more solid.

  • No, Tom had an 2004er. Lime Yellow is cool. congratulation

  • .. yes, yes the Saab convertible, actually always a dream car. Right at the front, of course
    the 900er series.
    Unfortunately, I do not have it today.
    But for the 4. 9 3 II;
    One time I have to admit, unfortunately also a Monday car, was changed.
    Was an 2.0 with 150 PS vector.
    The replacement car, also only "150 HP", had otherwise complete aerospace
    Equipment and optics - ran 3 years without a workshop visit outside.
    And performance was compared to the first like from another star.
    After that I got an Aero with only 20.000 Km. (I still have).
    Now in late summer, the possibility arose the same car, just deceived and
    again less km to buy. Because of the situation with Saab and the craziness
    the Saab lover, we also got that. (The model with the equipment will
    you probably will not get any more.)
    By the way, all in the advertising color Lime-Yellow. The current with 6 gear and 250 PS goes
    Super. Why the long introduction ?: So the 9-3er year 2005 / 2006 were really good, I think
    Tom does not (hopefully) mean that.

  • Yes that's what I meant. That was then produced by Magna in Graz ...

  • If you mean my Monday convertible, it was a Saab 9-3 Aero Hirsch convertible from 2004. But, I think, an exception. 🙂

  • Was it an 9-3 convertible I or II? Which years of construction?

  • oh man, today is only friday = (

    and exactly because of such great stories in between, you can not give up the blog: '(


    PS you have to google for 'Saab News' by the way, on Thursday morning I already had the good news from Youngman inside 😉

  • ... Yes, I'm looking forward to Sunday ... ;-)

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