Spyker sale safe and quiet at Saab

The sale of Spyker to the US investor North Street by Alex Mascioli should be safe and to 1. Be completed in December. So far it has been a non-binding declaration of intent. North Street pays 300 million Swedish kroner and has ambitious plans with the sports car maker.

The annual output is expected to increase by 20% per year, which for the year 2012 would correspond to a number of 50 produced sports cars. Also Victor Muller, who does a good job after Alex Masciolis, should stay on board as Spyker boss. Something strange and the question of whether Muller plans his departure from Saab. The proceeds from the sale come, as already mentioned, not in the Saab bag but pay off a loan from Swedish Automobile. Lender is Muller.

According to an interview with DI today, the Mascioli hedge fund has no connection to Antonov. Mascioli said he had "neither met, spoken to nor made any business with Antonov".

By the way blogs Mascioli build the cars via super sports cars or at least via car manufacturers. Hmm. This makes Mascioli smarter than me, at least in this respect, because he tests real cars and not only writes about the possibilities that would exist, one would ...

Which brings us once again to our brand, which makes it very quiet today. No headlines, no rumors, which is also quite relaxing.

Who still wants to read something about the Swedes, which is the current print edition of Auto Classic recommended. There you have put together a list of 300 best combi classics, of course, the wonderful Saab 95 is mentioned. As a highlight, there is an article about the Saab 99, which is good quality. You rub your eyes in wonder, because often only half of the story is told about classic Saab.

The solution to the riddle: Members of the "1. German Saab clubs“Acted in an advisory capacity and contributed their knowledge.

Have fun while reading. Keep on Saabing.

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2 thoughts on "Spyker sale safe and quiet at Saab"

  • what happens to that 300 mio? are they hiking in VM bag? they will certainly not be forwarded to Saab!

  • Hmmm ... I am somehow a little "suspicious" of Muller.
    What is that again for a deal?

    Well, at least seem to pass a day today, where you do not have to read anything bad about Saab directly!
    That's good, too!

    Even though …. you have already got used to the daily "little gossip" ... ;-( 😉

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