New four-wheel drive: Saab Innovation Saab eXWD

So far we have heard little about Saab's revolutionary new electric four-wheel drive. At the Geneva Motor Show Saab presented with the PhoeniX study a preview of the Saab 9-3 successor with eXWD, turbo and hybrid drive. Then came the crisis and with it the silence.

Saab PhoeniX Concept, with eXWD
Saab PhoeniX Concept, with eXWD

Many Saab fans and readers are wondering, what's next? The news is sparse. But the electric all-wheel drive eXWD is capable of running and should go into series production at the end of 2012. The innovative four-wheel drive system, to which Saab has exclusive access for the first time, is also capable of hybrid.

Now development partner Borg Warner has unveiled the eXWD in the US as an eAWD innovation.

A recent Saab 9-3 with eXWD (or after Borg Warner spelling eAWD) came to the presentation for the "All-Wheel-Drive Symposium" of the American automotive engineers in Michigan. Borg Warner speaks of "excellent stability and traction and a consumption advantage of 20% over conventional systems" in this system, which Saab has incorporated into a joint venture.

Several European car manufacturers have already requested this system. If Saab does not make it to a new production start, then we may see this system as a novelty in an Audi or a BMW. But, with very cautious optimism, I'm typing on the world premiere in the Saab 9-3 successor at the end of 2012.

The Saab eXWD is very light and compact, reacts extremely fast and only turns on when traction demands four-wheel drive.

A little message. But it shows us that the Swedes have not been idle during the crisis, and that development has continued.

It could soon come from Trollhattan much exciting. In recent days, it has become noticeably quieter around Saab, the negative headlines remain off.

My optimism is growing. It remains exciting, in a positive sense.


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  • Hello Tom, yes just precioussmiths. The silence also means something good.

    We still expect the resolution of the riddle from yesterday's article "very good news very soon",
    is there any áconto from the secret corner?

    Have a nice day and greetings

  • @ Fru
    That can actually only be about the "positive" response of the NDRC. With this decision, Saab's future stands and falls ...

    If this hurdle is taken, nothing stands in the way of a production start and my 9-5 SC is finally produced 🙂

    • Marc, I think you are thinking in the wrong corner. Nobody knows when the NDRC decides. I sense something else there. Tom makes it exciting. 🙂

      • Yep, you seem to be right, as you can read from Tom's last post. Then let's wait and see.

  • I thought the development partner for eXWD would be American Axle, not Borg Warner. Or do all three work together?

    • Borg Warner is OEM partner for the system.

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