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This afternoon I'm on the road in Saab. With a Saab 9-3 Bio Power sports trolley, which is equipped with an automatic transmission. After the 9-3 convertible, the Saab I did not like, the second 9-3 with automatic. I wonder if the reviews are better than the convertible.

When I get back there will hopefully be good news for the German Saab community.

But if you're expecting an NDRC decision on Saab, that's wrong. There is currently no information about this. We should take a look at the things we are really interested in and that are the reason for this blog. So it's more about cars from Sweden.

Because it is the small things that can be decisive and that let us look into the future of our Swedish car brand.

See you !


4 thoughts on "Saab Blogger on the Road ..."

  • It is extremely unusual for SAAB to have problems with a convertible - both in our family and in the neighborhood there are various 9-3 convertibles in use without any negative abnormalities.

    Maybe it is a so-called Monday car (which is available from all manufacturers).


  • Even with my convertible (9-3TTID4, Hirsch, MY 2011) the automatic works absolutely flawlessly.

    • Hallo,
      You are also lucky with 6 automatic levels - Tom is talking about a 1.8t without a deer and unfortunately it has the 5 automatic levels in it ...

      Greeting Frank

  • Hello Tom, what is your problem with the convertible? Drive since 2007 convertible without problems!

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