Saab dealer tour 2011, process and facts

Maybe one or the other reader will remember mine first date with Saab Country Manager Jan-Philipp Schumacher. At first I was skeptical and at the end of the meeting I was sure that we have the right man at the head of Saab Germany. My assessment did not deceive, because Henrik Claesson and Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher fought hard to make our dealer tour a reality.

The new Saab 9-5 SportCombi, from Sunday in Germany
The new Saab 9-5 SportCombi, from Sunday in Germany

For Saab, it is much more than a normal presentation and it comes at the right time. The Swedes exclusively provide us with pre-production models of the new Saab 9-5 sportswear and the North American version of the Saab 9-4x. All models therefore differ from the vintage 2012, which we will see on our roads from next year.

The Saab dealer tour 2011 begins ... in Trollhättan.

At Saab, everything is changing and a new, fresh mind is blowing through the halls. The German Saab team will be at the factory gate in Trollhättan on Sunday and will then receive the new Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 sports trolleybuses. The German Saab community will be there, because Saab invited me to take part in the tour. This is courageous and not the usual way, which is trodden in the auto industry. But Saab is also an extraordinary brand.

Our trip, the route has been compiled by Henrik Claesson, passes the Great Lakes, the Vänern in the human body and facts about the Vaettern through the Småland, one of the most beautiful corners of southern Sweden. Here we can collect unfiltered first impressions of the new Saabs, which then continue to flow to the Saab community. As far as possible, the journey will be reported live and in the evening our Saab convoy will arrive in Hamburg.

From Hamburg start two Saab teams through Germany, heading south.

The dealer tour 2011 ... with reports on site.

For a few days I will join the team of Saab boss Jan-Phillip Schuhmacher and blog on site at the dealers. This is new and has not yet existed in this form at Saab.

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous too because I'm unsure how it's supposed to be. In any case, we are all, even those who for reasons of time can not be there, very close to it. Customer reactions to the new Saab 9-5 and the 9-4x, more details about the new cars, feedback from local dealers, maybe one or two interviews will be live with the Saab fans.

Why now is the right time.

Saab must show flag. Saab has to start with the presentation of the new models. When, if not now ?

The dealer tour is a strong signal for the Saab future. All decisions made in Trollhättan must be weighed by the administrator and approved. The approval for the tour and the provision of the new Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 sportswear show us more clearly than any news release that the reconstruction is on a very positive path.

During the Saab Dealer Tour, we hope that there will be more good news from Sweden. Now is the time to showcase the new Saab models so it may be easier to decide on a future order. It is a real big step back in the future and a step to strengthen the trust of dealers and customers.

The future of Saab has begun and we have a chance to be there.


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  • Hello…

    think it is a great pity that some dealers do not use this very nice event to draw attention to the brand again ....

    The dealer in my city has not flinched until now ....

    But from the mobile forum from Dresden came immediately the mail and the link that you can log in there! They are living SAAB!

    PS: The call from the boss with me was then still the I point!

    • Yes, some dealers are probably "reluctant", perhaps they have said goodbye to SAAB internally or are building more on the brands that have also been brought on board
      is very sad……. But keep your head up now that the light in the tunnel is no longer a return

  • Good and important action! NUR: Why do you as a customer not notice anything? Shouldn't the participating dealers write to their customers and show it on their website? I don't have any information from the dealer from whom I bought the vehicle years ago, nor from the person who has looked after my car for years ... And both of them even have their email addresses. And both are on the participant list!

    So please encourage retailers to inform their customers ...

    Let's see, in the days I have to place an order for a part - whether there will be any information ...

    • maybe they are so busy preparing their rooms that they forgot all about it;)
      Somehow you are right. The ball to be played is now at the dealers.

      • Maybe it's traders like customers? Both have to regain their confidence. As Tom writes, there are many steps that SAAB must take and the action is a first step towards both customer and dealer.

        What SAAB is doing now is good and right. But it will be a long way.

  • I'm just jealous

  • Hmmm…. my (apparently no longer) Saab dealer is not there.
    Should I take a test drive with the new SC and visit it?

  • Sounds very exciting. I'll take a look at it.

  • I'm glad for you tom, that at least a little pays off your commitment and you can participate in such a safe one-time action!
    Although I still do not think the time is right for me personally, one thing is more than positive for me:
    it was approved by the saab administrator and this is really the first real positive sign that this is going in the right direction - if he had only been concerned, the decision would certainly have been different.

    great tom, congratulations!

  • Great thing!

    A pity, the first:
    If someone wants to order a car, it will have to be put off indefinitely

    A pity, the second:
    Saab could have invited the IAA convoy drivers (who unfortunately did not get a chance) ...

    • Do not be so, the order books will be open soon, says my friendly Saab dealer. Will be done shortly !


      • I really don't understand some fans ... the news is as good as it has not been for a long time and then everything is described as "a shame" !!!
        I think it's very nice and will meet with Tom in Chemnitz and then drive to DD to the dealer I trust! 🙂 even if it's 80km net… 🙂

        • Hello Alex, arrived well? It was a nice trip last Sunday.
          Are dealers considered in Thuringia or Upper Franconia? We all want to see the new models.

          • Hey there,

            SAAB Muckelbauer from Upper Franconia (Bamberg) is there. Unfortunately, there is no stopping at Kellermann in Erlangen.

            Great thing in spite of everything. Maybe I come to Bamberg.

          • Hey Peter,
            Well, we have arrived well, drive SAAB! 🙂
            Well in the list is Peter in the SchlachthofStr. in EF, that is a GM dealer and at that time there were quite nice SAAB people, but was not there for 2 years.
            I'm going here in Chemnitz and then again in Dresden in the evening ... 🙂
            When you're around again, let me know ... LG

        • You're right. If you consider that this action had to be approved by the “bankruptcy administrator”, this is to be viewed in a completely different (more positive!) Way!
          Because if he approves it, it can only mean that something positive is happening in the background. I hope ... 🙂

          LG Martin

  • I also agree - this is a big deal! And I think the skeptics will fall silent when they actually see the two cars in front of them.
    My respect and thanks for the great work go out to Saab Germany and to you, Tom (order insignificant)!

  • Hello Tom!

    The whole project is better than the previously planned so-called alternative IAA (which was then known to have failed).

    We will either be in Lübeck or in Hamburg at one of our well-known dealers up close to be able to finally look at the most beautiful of all station wagons from all points of view or to complete the mandatory trial sitting.

    A really great action, which will surely also penetrate positive press reports to the people - the general public must z. At the moment, unfortunately, it can still be dubbed “the valley of the clueless”.

    Best regards and see you in Schleswig-Holstein or Hamburg
    Detlef Rudolf

  • Will there soon be a dealer tour in Austria? Saab density is likely to be higher in Austria than in Germany. This is related to the common past of Sweden and Austria in EFTA. However, there are also Saab dealers who have since said goodbye.

  • I agree with my heart: this is the right action at the right moment! I think that right now it is very right and reasonable to go this way. Because you kill a few birds with one stone, um tour. You bring activity back into the SAAB community, integrate it excellently through you (Tom), show her (the community) what it's all about - that's almost forgotten. The pre-orderers finally see what they have ordered and the long wait may be felt shortened. By the way, it is an excellent action to lure people back to the dealers, to re-establish contacts, to show: SAAB lives. The dealers are certainly grateful! Clever. And certainly much more intelligent than some other action! Congratulation. I'll go safely. Even if the car needs are covered for now;)

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