Saab dealer tour 2011, the dates

List update: 14:05 - 20.10.11 15:53

The Saab dealer tour is more than a normal Germany tour. For me, it's the starting signal for a comeback in the German market. It's not just the exclusive presentation of the Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 sports car before launch, it's much more than that. Today follows a detailed article on the facts. Since many are waiting for the tour dates, here is the current list.

Monday, 24.10.2011

10: 00 Clock  Lensch & Bleck, Hamburg

11: 00 Clock  Lafrentz, Kiel

16: 00 Clock  Etehad, Halstenbeck

17: 00 Clock  Peter, Göttingen

Tuesday, 25.10.2011

10: 00 Clock  Zielke, Lübeck

10: 00 Clock  Peter, Erfurt

15: 00 Clock  H & B, Rostock

16: 00 Clock  Stephan, Vienenburg

Montag, 26.10.2011

09: 00 Clock  Car dealership on the Nordring, Berlin

13: 00 Clock  Bredlow, Berlin

16: 00 Clock  Borghardt, Paderborn

17: 00 Clock  Weber, Berlin

Thursday, 27.10.2011

10: 00 Clock  S & E, Osnabrück

11: 00 Clock  Seipp, Chemnitz

16: 00 Clock  Mobile Forum, Dresden

16: 00 Clock Austria, Wuppertal

Friday, 28.10.2011

10: 00 Clock Jolig, Leipzig

14: 00 Clock Hübner, hall

14: 00 Clock FOP Dortmund

Samstag, 29.10.2011

10: 00 Clock Saab center Frankfurt

Monday, 31.10.2011

10: 00 Clock  IWM, Würzburg

14: 00 Clock  Dechent, Heidelberg

15: 00 Clock  Muckelbauer, Bamberg

Tuesday, 01.11.2011

17: 00 Clock  Saab Zentrum Giessen

Montag, 02.11.2011

10: 00 Clock  Heart, Trier

11: 00 Clock Farmer, Munich

16: 00 Clock  Kunert, Bonn

16: 00 Clock  Haas, Augsburg

Thursday, 03.11.2011

09: 00 Clock Autoalliance, Cologne

10: 00 Clock Martin, Stockach

13: 00 Clock Celebi & Nentwich, Meerbusch

15: 00 Clock Delivers, leek rings

16: 00 Clock Giert, Langenfeld

Friday, 04.11.2011

10: 00 Clock Home, Tübingen

10: 00 Clock  Schmitz, Emmerich

14: 00 Clock Roth, Leinfelden

Samstag, 05.11.2011

10: 00 Clock Scholl, Mainz

Montag, 09.11.2011

18: 30 Clock Möhler, Bremen


37 thoughts on "Saab dealer tour 2011, the dates"

  • short information about the last stand in Bremen:
    NOW LESUM! I just called Saab-Möhler in Bremen, the matter increases on November 9.11th. in the branch in Bremen-Lesum (Lesumer Heerstraße 12 - 28717 Bremen), at 18:00 p.m. - so NOT in Bremen-Horn!
    I hope they push the Volvos back a bit
    (do not misunderstand, Volvo is one of the few alternatives to Saab for me, too)

    Best regards from HB

  • to mac9-5, I found out today that Möhler in Bremen will be HORN, not Lesum, and already at 17 p.m. and not at 1830 ...

    • Hello Frank,

      we clarify the date, update follows! Thanks for the posting.


  • Isn't it closer to the Saarland than Trier? In Saarbrücken and Saarlouis there are still two Saab dealers ... well, actually only 1.5 ... but at least.

  • Nice idea! Does anyone know how the list came about?



  • Tom, is this the final list?

  • I think that's great. At last look at the cars and can hardly wait to buy the 9-5SC deceived. Oh happy days !!

  • since my Saab dealer is not there, I called the nearest in Munich,
    they did not know too much, only that Saab Germany put the 2 vehicles with them
    want . everyone can go, no limit to people, no program, sounded that way
    you don't trust the “roast” ……… .., ok you also sell volvo and subaru in between
    I will go anyway

  • Hallo,

    I find the times a bit strange, Friday morning at 10 a.m. in Leipzig ... I certainly won't make it.
    Really bad 🙁

  • @@ Frank
    Thanks for your tip / report.

    If the dealer is good, it would be worth the drive (although in Bremen eg Saab Werner near Ikea would be closer and more on my route).

  • Hello mac9-5. So I always drive over 60km to Bremern-Lesum (north). There to the master I trust Mr. Wangerin, who also knew my 1989 turbo in 99 ...
    Just a pity, on the 9. November I can not, night shift 🙁
    I'll drive to HH.
    By the way, there are all 3 "official" SAAB agencies in Bremen (see dealer list on the SAAB website). Thanks also to Tom for your tireless work for the SAAB fans.

  • Is such an action also planned for Austria? Would make sense!!

    • Hey Christian,

      I think so. 🙂

  • Hello Claas…. see above! Register ... who can read ... 😉 (at the dealer near you)

  • can everyone go there?

  • Does not anyone find that cars are presented that no one can buy? Something like this has never happened before. Me as a dealer would bring that to despair.

    But well, what if event, I'll stop by for security.

    • Frank, sometimes an open word. It's an advance premiere for the new models. A good sign for the future for me. The series start will be in January, otherwise you would not run the effort to bring the models to Germany.

      At any other car brand jubilation would break out now. Imagine BMW is doing an exclusive premiere tour, the BMW drivers would scream with happiness.

      We should be happy that our brand will live on and look forward to it.



    • Hello Frank!

      If you are very lucky, the last Chinese approval will still be available by the start of the tour - after that it should go on pretty quickly (Youngman-Lotus and Pang Da will certainly ensure that).

      Here in Hamburg we are assuming that a date for the start of production is also mentioned - ordering or buying a car from Trollhättan would therefore be "child's play".

      Greetings from the Hanseatic city

  • Please do not say now that the dealers on the list are all those who are left as Saab dealers

    • Hello Peter,

      no, this is not the complete list. These are "only" the Saab partners for the tour.

  • Great thing - I still hope in Hanover! Otherwise I will have to make my way to Göttingen.

    • Hello.
      Is there still a decent, regular Saab dealer in Hanover?

      “Back then” we bought a new Saab from a dealer at the “old airport” (think that's the name of the area).
      But then he probably closed the shop sometime afterwards, so that the next Saab came from Verden (and unfortunately there is no dealer anymore).

      • In the vicinity of Braunschweiger Platz there is the "Saab Center Hanover", which unfortunately has almost exclusively Opels parked in the shop window. But the sign is still on! 😉

        • Hmmm ... thank you very much, very nice!
          So it is apparently no longer "your" Saab dealer, is it?

          I've been on his side before.
          But on the Saab side Safari shows nothing to me ( ) and also in the used cars no Saabs are listed.
          So is he still a Saab dealer?

          I'm looking for next time a dealer, where I can stay longer and will continue to exist in the future.
          Because we've already had a little odyssey behind us (Nienburg; Hanover, Verden as a “bankrupt” dealer, plus Stadthagen and Walsrode as a “Saab” workshop and, since last year, Neustadt as well).
          Only to Celle, Bremen, Hamburg, etc. I have not made it yet.

          • @@ JvH

            Thanks for the tip. Very nice!
            But I come from the "other direction" ... northwest of Hanover.

            From here it would be as far as Vienenburg about 160km. 🙁
            Bremen, Hannover, Celle, etc would be much cheaper for me (would be quite ready to drive 50-60 km).

          • No, it is not "my" dealer. It probably never would either, but I don't want to do bad publicity here. We should be grateful to every dealer who does not send Saab from the showrooms into the desert.

            Anyway, he also offers VW. A friend known as Wolfsburg negotiated with him that he could now call himself a VW service partner - and in this context he confirmed that he also sells Saabs. And that was around the beginning of the year that he got carried away with this statement. A lot has happened since then, I know that, but as I said: the sign is still there. However, I would not like to go and ask. But there we come back to the bad Publcity.

            If you ever find something sensible - let me know! I've heard Celle offer very good service, but I've never been there.

      • Hello mac9-5,

        I have been to Günther a few times. They repair Saab and have taken over the warranty on our 9-3, which we bought in March as a new car from a bankruptcy from another dealer.
        There is also a master who oversees the tuning of Hirsch. So everything speaks for a regular Saab dealer. They do not sell new cars at the moment, there are none.
        Am also sad that the Saab-Zentrum Hannover is not on the list, I would have gone there for sure.

        • Ah, thanks for your info. Very nice! 🙂

          Let's see if I will soon (if I should be in Hanover) just drop by to make an impression.

          As I said ... unfortunately we do not have a long-standing dealer.
          All the old ones we have bought there are not anymore and as a new one I would like to have a reliable one.

          Apart from that, I am quite satisfied with Neustadt as a workshop at the moment (probably a well-known Saab fan).

  • Too bad, damn short term! I already have appointments ...

  • Upper Franconia (Hof, Bayreuth etc.) wouldn't be bad either ...

  • maybe Bremen? There are at least 3 SAAB workshops there ...

    • Moin Frank.

      That's exactly what I was hoping for.
      Bremen, Hanover, etc. would also be in my “wider area”, Hamburg would be a tad too far away for me.

      Which dealer is recommended in Bremen or are they all official Saab dealers?

    • Hey Frank,

      Bremen is confirmed.

      • Great, thanks Tom for the info !!!! 🙂

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