Saab dealer tour 2011: Saab photo contest

It is nearly time. The countdown is running. Sometime on Sunday we will see the new Saab 9-5 sports suit and the new Saab 9-4x on the road for the first time on German roads. Our new Saabs will stand out on the streets, no question. Not only because of the eye-catching lettering, so that everyone can see “a new Saab is coming”.

Photo contest: Saab 9-5 sports suit from Sunday in Germany
Photo contest: Saab 9-5 sports suit from Sunday in Germany

The unique Scandinavian design also lifts our Saabs out of the crowd and signals that this is a very special Swedish automobile.

For the next few weeks, the Saab crew is traveling across the republic with the new 9-4x and the 9-5 sports trolleys, and I will be there for a few days, reporting live. I'm looking forward to getting to know you personally and to having as many conversations as possible with Saab drivers and readers of

Saab Germany has initiated a fox contest for the tour, with great prizes.

It's about photographing the new Saabs in action. Of course not on the dealer site, that would be too easy. Anyone who sees the new Saab 9-4x or the 9-5 sports car in action, on the move in city traffic or on the federal highway, should press the trigger and send me his pictures.

The pictures are published on the blog and as I said, there are interesting prices. A jury will select and award the very best snapshots of our new Swedish vehicles.

The winner will get a weekend in the brand new Saab 2012-9 sports suit in the first half of 5 and there are further, very “saab” prizes for the places 2 and 3.

From Sunday, a camera or a corresponding cell phone is mandatory on board ...


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    On Friday (28.11.) We had an 9-4, Swedish Mark, westbound, between Bönen and the Kamener Kreuz. We were immediately impressed. My old Swede !!! Unfortunately, the driver has not responded to attempts of Kontaktaufnehme. Could it be that we meet him again in Mainz on Saturday?

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    Dealer or not, but why isn't it on the SAAB website yet? “Simply” exchange one of the news pictures, the mid-summer campaign is without a thing, let's say, past real life ... Nice picture, little headline with “inform yourself here (Link Saabblog) ready. Could be so simple, it will certainly fail because of structures.

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      Yes, the SAAB website is such a chapter that is responsible for that in Sweden
      Probably no longer in the workplace for months, so currently this site presents itself.
      Let's hope that it will go up soon

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    Oh man. I am absolutely curious. How often do we have to sleep? 😉 I hate that.

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    “Our new Saabs will stand out on the streets, no question about it. Not only because of the eye-catching lettering so that everyone can see "here comes a new Saab". "

    Does this mean that traveling 9-4x and 9-5 SC will be provided with suitable advertising / design (based on the design competition for IAAktion)?

    Sure, some people will, for example, look on the highways to see what is going by. As long as hardly anyone knows: “New Saab, new Saab!”, Will it be some new beautiful car that you ... yes ... just where is the best place to be able to inspect it in detail?

    What I want to say:
    Hopefully, there is something big on the beautifully uniformly designed and just for predestined side surfaces addressed vehicles.

    It must be made clear to the people that there is not just something, but 'exactly THAT' driving!

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      I agree ! I do not know the drafts, but I think the layout will be based on the IAA proposals. We will attract attention!

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    think it is a great pity that some dealers do not use this very nice event to draw attention to the brand again ....

    The dealer in my city has not flinched until now ....

    But from the mobile forum from Dresden came immediately the mail and the link that you can log in there! They are living SAAB!

    PS: The call from the boss with me was then still the I point!

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    Hello Tom, how about advertising for the dealer tour? Many of the dealers' websites are not updated for this event ... it would be a shame if the tour fizzled out because nobody noticed, except for us die-hard fans ...

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      Hello Frank,

      it is up to the traders what they make of it. Saab is currently limited in budget, as we all know. The Mobile Forum Dresden is eagerly advertising and Saab Frankfurt is also sending mails to customers. Some other Saab centers in the north have personally addressed customers. Things are already happening and the other Saab blogs in Germany are communicating, sometimes critically, the tour.

      I think it's about doing the best possible with the resources we (Saab) have. Of course, work also goes through the Saab press office ...



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    That's quality of life for me when I can look at beautiful things or surround myself with them. In order to do that at Saabs, they almost have to own them, they have become so rare and exclusive in the street scene, OK in large cities in Austria there are accumulations, but otherwise in the country one often encounters for days no one except their own Automobile.

    If the exterior design annoys me, as with the competition, then I really want to get into the car 😉 Most of the time, the annoyance in the interior continues with the same design and poor ergonomics, I'll just say Ford. The next increase is an annoying one Suspension, because it is tuned too hard, is unfortunately very often the case with the Germans. If then there are steering wheel vibrations like with many turbo diesels (not with Saab), then I just want to get out. If we had everything in a BMW 3 Series, I was happy when I could get out of the much too narrow interior again ...

    With my Saabs, I don't mind long distances at all ...

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    I think the idea is actually quite good, but it doesn't make sense to hold events that nobody gets to see, no advertising, but that has always been the case with Saab Germany, so you shouldn't be surprised.

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    I do not know about you: But the design of the new two cars calms me down a lot, I find it very pleasant. Less is just more, as everywhere in life ;-). That's so good !!!

    The countless wrinkles and sickle wars of the other makes me rather upset, makes aggressive, if not to say, kills the nerve, for example, BMW, Mercedes and Audi, where it says, was always very hard and then just off course.

    I'm looking forward to the views in the streetscape and the many beautiful photos. From the sedan Saabmagazine were already so great in it.

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      Exactly ! SAAB Design is timeless and cool again. With the beads you're right, that excites!

      LG Leif

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      100% approval!

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