Saab Dealer Tour Update 2011: Saab Center Frankfurt

A recent update to Saab dealer tour, The Saab center Frankfurt shows the new Saab 9-4x and the Saab 9-5 sports combination on Saturday the 29.10. already from 10: 00 Clock and not only from 18: 00 clock.

A good time to go shopping in the city. And one more reason to visit the exclusive pre-premiere of the new Swedes!


7 thoughts on "Saab Dealer Tour Update 2011: Saab Center Frankfurt"

  • ... a tragedy. Because of everything in dry cloths. A contract is a contract when both partners have signed. Apparently VM gambled high ...

  • If you follow the latest news on saabsunited, you can only hope that the great roadshow will take place!

  • It's good to finally get a really positive signal from Saab Germany again ...!
    Whether there will be a price list for the presentation of the 9-5 sports suit?

    Of course, not all Saab dealers can join the dealer tour. Nevertheless, it is a pity that such a loyal longtime dealer as Saab Kellermann in Erlangen is not there. Bamberg is more than 50 km away from Nuremberg, where our two Saabs including drivers are based :-) We still hope for the ordered Cabriolet!
    Unfortunately I can not on 31.10. go to Bamberg, as we will probably use the Brückentag (to All Saints Day) to vacation.

    I wish the tour much success!

  • Hmm. Shit 🙁 Tom would say we stay cool and wait. I think he is waiting, too.



  • It would be really interesting to see the two models live, but the latest news from Trollhättan from this afternoon does not look very positive 🙁

  • Oh no, I have to work ... Until 14 p.m. ... = (

    Until when will the models be shown ...?

    • They are there all day because evening event with invited guests.



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