Saab News: Saab Automobile secures further funds

Yes, there they are again, our economic news. Quite frankly, I did not miss that. Saab, rather Swedish Automobile, secures further means to successfully continue with the reconstruction. On the one hand, new shares will be issued, amounting to 10 million US $, which will be fully paid by Friday by North Street Capital.

In addition, it secures a loan for another 60 million US $, the latest to 26. October should be paid. Because it could be that the funds provided by Youngman are not complete until the 22. Are in Sweden on the accounts, you take no risk in Sweden and secures twice.

That sounds good, is reasonable and puts the successful reconstruction on a firmer footing. The stock exchange sees the same and lets the stock on 1.10 € grow. North Street Capital is also the likely future owner of Spyker.

Here is the Saab press release:

Trollhattan, Sweden: Swedish Automobile NV (Swan) announces it has received a commitment from North Street Capital, LP on the funding of Swan and Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile).

The offer of the following transactions:

  • Swan, Saab Automobile and Saab Great Britain Ltd. Subscribe to 2,386,635 ordinary shares in the capital of Swan at a price of $ 4.19 per share for the purpose of funding the working capital of Swan. October 21, 2011.
  • Procurement of a Loan to Saab Automobile in the amount of USD 60 million to be collateralized by a first on the assets of Saab Automobile as well as a second on the collateral as pledged to NDO. This loan is subject to further documentation. 24, 2011 with subsequent funding within two days thereof.

Xnumx October 22, which has been sent to Xander 2011. Immediate availability of funding is needed to continue the reorganization process of Saab Automobile.


Source: Saab Automobile AB

5 thoughts on "Saab News: Saab Automobile secures further funds"

  • What is the truth of the information from Saab & Rover Bolgs that the reconstruction could be canceled today etc?

  • What is this eternal search for money, while production is still not running "until an indefinite point in time".

  • Tom, thanks for the info.
    If you read the remaining messages at 17.45 h, everything looks like:

    Head or figure

    Let's hope everything is going well….


  • Why is there such a delay in the funds pledged by the Chisian side?

    In China, too, the current situation of SAAB is well known and the fastest possible processing - especially in financial matters - should actually be a matter of course. This type of entry at SAAB now looks almost half-hearted - it's just a good thing that there are other financially strong sponsors for SAAB. Perhaps in the event of an emergency (ie development, possibly without China), this commitment will be demanded even more ... (is just a feeling that can also be deceptive).


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