Saab Blogger: Packing the case and an anniversary

Tomorrow we start in the direction of Sweden. The most important preparations are over and the timetable is over. Since I have almost all my equipment, so the Mac and the two cameras on board, comes together a lot. Tomorrow morning is the start with the Saab team in Frankfurt.

Saab 9-4x in Trollhattan
Saab 9-4x in Trollhattan

The first Saab 9-4x photo came from Frank on my desktop. OK, he is not competing with that, because he took the picture in Trollhättan. But, the 9-4x looks absolutely great. Thanks Frank, the right picture at the right time.

Because it's a little goodie, of what's coming up in the next few days on new Saabs. Today we had a small anniversary on the blog. Against 15: 30, we have exceeded the brand of 500.000 readers since the blog launch before 9 months ago. Fantastic.

Maybe, as I wish, we can talk a bit more about Trollhättan cars in the near future than about economic speculation. And, if one or the other reader asks what he can do for Saab, I have the answer.

Take the offer and visit the Saab dealer tour. For one, it's a very exciting story to see the new Saab 9-4x and the Saab 9-5 sports car. On the other hand, our dealers will be very attentive to register how our interest turns out.

You all have a nice weekend.


8 thoughts on "Saab Blogger: Packing the case and an anniversary"

  • Now you can finally read advertising for this on the SAAB homepage ...

  • Have a nice trip and have fun !!! I am looking forward to seeing the new 9-5 SC and the 9-4x.

  • Have a good trip and have fun! I'm looking forward to the travelogues.

  • The thing is definitely exciting. The tour is a “now more than ever” action. Brave, brave. Have fun & good luck! 🙂

  • The answer is when I get home ... 😉

  • Good journey Tom and bring us great stories and pictures!



  • But for the trip and the coming days, your blog and the work was already worth it!

    Have fun!!!

  • I wish you a pleasant journey, enjoy driving the new vehicles.

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