Saab dealer tour 2011: Etehad Halstenbeck

Etehad! I'm from southern Germany, but the good reputation of Etehad has made it over the main line, so that the Saab partner from Halstenbeck awoke great expectations with me. Etehad has been a dealer for our Swedish love for 31 years and during this time his enthusiasm has not diminished.

Since 31 years Saab partner: Etehad in Halstenbeck
Since 31 years Saab partner: Etehad in Halstenbeck

Saab drivers know the feeling. You enter a Saab dealership and feel at home. This is the case with Etehad, whose rooms have a very Saab-typical, cool flair. We were more than warmly welcomed and the showroom was ready for our Saab 9-5 sportswear and our Saab 9-4x.

With body and soul Saab: Masoud Etehad
With body and soul Saab: Masoud Etehad

And above all, we were expected. The first friends of our brand were already before we arrived at Etehad to see the new cars from Sweden. Then a steady stream of Saab drivers came into the evening. What particularly pleased me was the personal meeting with many readers here on the blog and the very good conversations. Both the Saab 9-5 sports trolley and the Saab 9-4x have a tremendous amount of interest. There were customers on site who have already ordered, or who will definitely order after the start of production.

Saab fans: Holger, Markus and Saab rally legend Simo Lampinen
Saab fans: Holger, Markus and Saab rally legend Simo Lampinen

Surprised and especially happy was the visit from Simo Lampinesthat I didn’t expect. Simo is Saab with body and soul and part of the Saab legend. He follows the events in Trollhättan very closely, had a very long conversation with Saab Country Manager Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, and he also takes time for the very young Saab fans. As for Markus, the youngest Saab fan today, who looked at the Saab 9-5 sports suit with his father. Hello Markus, it was great to meet you as promised - your picture with Holger and Simo on the blog.

Masoud Etehad, the owner of the beautiful Saab car dealership, has taken a lot of time for me and I think Etehad is a very special Saab story that I would like to tell in peace.

For our Saab dealer tour, Mr. Etehad has mobilized the local press, giving Saab a good story about the new Saab 9-5 sports car and the Saab 9-4x in the local media.

The day was very long, the night will be short and tomorrow it continues in the direction of Lübeck and Rostock. That's why I'm making it short.

Do I like Etehad in Halstenbeck? Am I impressed? Yes, that's me and all my sympathies are with Etehad. Because you are very professional and at the same time with an incredible amount of heart for our brand. Many thanks to the team from Etehad for the great event and this beautiful afternoon with Saab fans in Halstenbeck.


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    Oh yes, at Autohaus Etehad you feel at home again ...
    The place where I had my first contact with this wonderful and very reliable brand (mind you with 9 or 10 years).
    The 93 from 2001 (2.2 TiD - 125PS) was an annual car with a few TKm, very well maintained and perfectly run in from the old Etehad. Even today, with over 350TKm, the model drives like on the first day, shows almost no rust and is always up-to-date! When I buy my next SAAB, I'll even take the 800km drive to Halstenbeck just to be able to continue supporting Etehad.
    Personally, I can not wait to see the new models soon in Lauchringen (Autohaus Tiefert)!

    Sincerely yours,

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    What a sign of life!
    The fact that the vehicles look much more impressive in nature than on photos, I already know from the 9-5 sedan. Seeing, feeling and working with 9-5 Sport Combi and 9-4X encourages them to continue with Saab. The two deserve to enrich our street scene.
    I heard a lot of good from Etehad, now I know why. My Saab was bought there by the previous Vorbesizter, so it was almost like coming home.
    In short: the dealer tour is an important sign of life. Whether too late, too little known, too small, to use [my own reason] I do not really care. That they exist is much more important to me right now.


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    As a guest this afternoon, I can only fully confirm the report. It was impressive and the two SAAB models in nature even more beautiful and, above all, “saabier” than in the photos. Anyone who has heard the optimism of those in charge of SAAB and has seen the discussions about the changes to the 2012 model year as a matter of course cannot imagine anything other than the continued life of SAAB. Tom is only to be envied, but he really deserves it.


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