Saab dealer tour 2011 dates at 25. October

Today we leave the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, as always the farewell is difficult. Because Hamburg was good to us and the fans in Halstenbeck at Etehad and the friendly contacts Lensch and Bleck Do not make it easier to leave Hamburg. Our Saab team now heads east and visits Lübeck and Rostock.

Saab Team Two had a very successful meeting yesterday in Kiel with Saab service partner Lafrentz, who will follow photos and in Göttingen. Today the team visits Erfurt and Vienenburg.

We look forward to the Saab customers and the fans, pack our bags and are on the way. Here is our schedule today:

10: 00 Clock Zielke, Lübeck

10: 00 Clock Peter, Erfurt

15: 00 Clock H & B, Rostock

16: 00 Clock Stephan, Vienenburg


2 thoughts on "Saab dealer tour 2011 dates at 25. October"

  • Unfortunately, the dealer tour list on the homepage of Saab Germany is not up to date - the information here in Saabblog are more recent (eg Kiel, Lübeck, Cologne) ...

  • ... and SAAB Germany accompanies the whole on the website with a corresponding note! Go then. Congratulations to all and further success and above all fun (but you seem to have, Tom!)


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