Saab dealer tour 2011: H & B Rostock

The north is kind to us. Bright sunshine also welcomed us in Rostock. Since we previously had a Saab photo shoot in Warnemünde, we unfortunately arrived half an hour late in Rostock at Saab Partner H & B. The welcome of the Saab fans and Saab drivers was all the nicer and more warm, and they were all eagerly waiting for us.

H & B in Rostock
H & B in Rostock

The cameras were pulled out and the real Saab stars, the 9-5 sports suit and the new Saab 9-4x rolled into the courtyard. I did not expect so much Saab enthusiasm. H & B is a longtime Saab partner, since 1991 the cars with the Greif have been sold and serviced in Rostock. Yes, and once again I am a guest at a Saab partner who lives Saab.

With many readers on the blog, which was very, very happy, I was able to have a personal conversation and I was sometimes enormously impressed and touched by the friendship that you bring me. Thanks to everyone, you are great and sometimes, I admit, I just miss the words. Because I'm just a blogger who sees himself as a communicator and who is not that important. Important are you, the fans and Saab drivers. You are Saab!

But it's also great, and that's what it's actually about, the Saab team around Olaf Bräutigam, about whom I have only heard the very best from the Saab drivers. There is a family atmosphere at H & B. We are a Saab "family", that's what I heard from many Saab drivers from Rostock today.

I would like to thank the Rostock Saab Team for the hospitality and all Saab fans on the coast. There is still a lot to say and I will catch up soon.

But on Wednesday we are in Berlin and we start very early from Rostock in the federal capital. And even bloggers need a little sleep.


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