Saab dealer tour 2011: Saab service partner Zielke, Lübeck

Welcome to Lubeck. And what a welcome! The Saab fans in Lübeck have given us a warm welcome at Saab Serviepartner Zielke. The small showroom is full and again and again new Saabs drive into the yard.

Saab Service Zielke
Saab Service Zielke

Zielke has written to his Saab customers in the short preparation time and also the Lübecker Nachrichten, whose head of the service is also a passionate Saab driver, reports about Saab.

I like it here. The atmosphere is warm, open, Zielke's heart beats for Saab. Since 1997 you are there for our brand from Trollhättan and the many classic Saab on the site show the deep bond with the Swedes. No question, the small, family-owned company is behind Saab and you can feel that the Lübeck Saab driver with Zielke are very connected.

I think, with the new Saabs, the 9-4x and the Saab 9-5 sports car, which also liked very well in Lübeck, Zielke drives into a great future.

Many thanks, to the whole, very warm Lübeck Saab team.


4 thoughts on "Saab dealer tour 2011: Saab service partner Zielke, Lübeck"

  • Moin moin püssel, that was probably up to date a few days ago! Will the Swedish police ever get the stamp from Trllhättan again? The daily news speaks a different language. I hope that Tom registers that despite his travel strains …… It looks dark, what or who will bring the rescue now? Objective contributions are now in demand, especially here on the blog. The cars are great, but who builds them?

  • Uiuiui, have just read that the Swedish police now ordered VW Passat. That does not work. Swedish police and Passat. Although I have no contacts with the men, but have always admired the chic SAABs (and Volvos).

    So please: Production and send SAAB 9-5 (or 9-4x?) Deliver!

  • Hello mac9-5 and all other readers. The event on 9.November at XMexer at Möhler in Bremen - while 17x in Bremen represented - in Bremen Horn-Lehe, small town 2 instead.
    I called today because nothing had happened yet.
    There should be calls then ...

  • Many thanks for the enthusiastic and inspiring tour reports. You want to be there right away.
    But the most beautiful cars are of no use if they are not for sale and for sale.
    With all due respect for the emotional reports - it would be even more important to hear how things are going with the plant, when production is to start up and with which owners we will be dealing in the future. The latest information has to leak out! What are the dealers being told?

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