Saab Lage Sweden: Commentary on the current situation

Actually I wanted to avoid during the tour the daily business thriller from Sweden. Not because we lost track of the situation, but because we do not have to comment on every move. I'm traveling with Saab, and spend the entire day with Saab Germany boss Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and his crew. So I am very close, if only because there is permanent contact with Sweden.

Once again I have to say, stay cool. I am sure we will see the solution very soon. One of the important things will be the bondholders' meeting, which takes place at 31.10. takes place. Before that there will probably be no public solution. Negotiations are going on behind the scenes, and they run until the last second, because they haggle over the smallest details. Neither we nor the press know these details. Everything that is currently circulating in the media and on some blogs, goes into the realm of speculation and only increases the circulation.

We have been patient for many months. We should not get nervous now on the approach and indulge in speculation or conspiracy theories.

Our team is traveling through Germany with great new Saabs. If we had no confidence in Saab, the cars would have stayed in Sweden. The new Saab are fascinating, speak for themselves and for the future. Look at it, get a picture. We are car fans, Saab fans, no economies.

In this sense, be relaxed, stay calm. I am too.


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  • Thanks for your work and great blog. I will certainly attend the 04.11 !!!!!

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    Hey, see you in Stuttgart or Tübingen (if you're still there).
    Watch out for a yellow 9.3-II Cabriolet 😉

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      Hello Martin…
      You still drive the yellow convertible?

      Ciao Alex

      PS: Have a look at the pictures “Erzgebirgsausfahrt” here ...

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        Clear yellow. You also! Have the pictures seen, very nice.
        How do you keep your leather so clean?

        Ciao M.

        • Inca Yellow is just awesome! 🙂

          The leather is such a thing! 🙂 Got the two-colored one in there and I have to say ... it's from a very good person !!!! modest quality! The driver's seat looks like the one in the old 9-5 after 300.000km and has already been sniffed through ... otherwise with such an interior cleaner and then leather grease on it again ... I think BERNER is the stuff!
          Or with kitchen grease remover ... but be careful ... afterwards with water and leather grease! 🙂

          Otherwise the SAABine runs like a 1! 🙂 Yours too?

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    So now I have to write something, I follow the blog now for some time and I think it's really great how you pursue the matter and keep us Saab fans always up to date. I also think positively and hope that Saab will continue in the future, although at times I was very afraid for my favorite brand. Personally, I would not mind if the Chinese would take Saab completely without Victor Müller, then they would be just like Volvo with another owner, so to speak. Well, We will see.

    Greetings from Switzerland
    Thomas F.


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    Hi Tom,

    I also believe that the finals are going on and, despite everything, I have a good feeling that everything is coming to a good end. I think it's great, with which personal commitment you support SAAB; Many would not do that in the current situation. You show cars that are not (yet) available to order, but it is a positive signal and once again an unconventional idea that makes SAAB so likeable.

    SAAB up!


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