Saab Dealer Tour 2011: Autohaus am Nordring

Berlin, we landed! In the north of Berlin is the car dealership on Nordring. Normally I am standing by the vehicles and look forward to the contacts and the good discussions with the Saab drivers. Today, Saab Germany's boss Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher invited me to participate in the dealer discussion.

Berlin North: dealership on Nordring
Berlin North: dealership on Nordring

Another premiere for me, in a week full of premieres. Now the talks with the Saab partners are confidential, and it is a very big vote of confidence for me. I can still publish one thing. A message from Saab to the dealers and the community: Germany is seen by the Swedes as one of the key markets, so we will play a role in the Saab world in the future.

In the car dealership at Nordring, I met Hermann Krebs, the contact person for the Saab customers. He is passionate about the brand, and he looks forward to the new models. His customers are eagerly awaiting the new Saab 9-5 sports trolley and the Saab 9-4x.

Many thanks to the dealership on Nordring for the nice shot!


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  • Good to hear that Germany is one of the key markets (again), but until recently you could get the impression we are written off.
    I also wish a lot of fun with the tour and many good talks and that you many
    Happy Saabians will leave in the stations visited.

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