Saab dealer tour 2011 dates at 26. October

Berlin, here we come ! We start now from Rostock in our capital and leave the coastal region. A report on Kiel, which some are waiting for, will follow. I am looking forward to the Berlin Saab community and the dealers. In Berlin I will also meet Dirk von Saab Reisen, which makes me very happy. It's going to be exciting with the new Saab 9-5 sports car and the Saab 9-4x through Berlin. Team Two is in Paderborn today, I am also looking forward to a report and pictures.

Our appointments:

Wednesday, 26.10.2011

09 p.m.  Car dealership on the Nordring, Berlin

13 p.m.  Bredlow, Berlin

16 p.m.  Borghardt, Paderborn

17 p.m.  Weber, Berlin


2 thoughts on "Saab dealer tour 2011 dates at 26. October"

  • Hi big brother,

    then say hello to our old home and continue to enjoy the tour 🙂

    We are also very excited here and are always lurking for a new report !!!

    Cop out,
    Your little sister and Little Tom

  • Hey Tom;

    cool thing the tour. Really great. Count the hours until the meeting in Dresden ... Tomorrow is the big day: o)

    LG and have a nice day

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