Saab dealer tour 2011 dates at 27. October

The North meant well with us and Saab. Just as the tour along the coast was a success, so did not disappoint the Berlin community. Far too soon we are leaving the federal capital and heading towards Saxony. In the morning Chemnitz is on the plan, and in the afternoon we are guests in Dresden.

Saab Team Dealer Tour 2011, heading south
Saab Team Dealer Tour 2011, heading south

The metropolis of Saxony is one of the tourist destinations that I am particularly looking forward to. Not only because I like the city a lot, I'm also looking forward to the mobile forum team and the Saab fans. I have been in contact with some Saab drivers for months, now finally we can get to know each other personally!

The second Saab team is in Osnabrück and Wuppertal. I already had some contact with Osnabrück and I know that there is a particularly dedicated Saab partner there.

Our appointments:

Thursday, 27.10.2011

10: 00 Clock  S & E, Osnabrück

11: 00 Clock  Seipp, Chemnitz

16: 00 Clock  Mobile Forum, Dresden

16: 00 Clock Austria, Wuppertal

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  • Tom, Tom;

    wish you a good trip. Looking forward to this afternoon: o))

    LG Mark

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