Saab dealer tour 2011 dates at 28. October

Dresden! We had a lot of fun yesterday with Tobias Kaboth and his team, and I think the Saab fans from Dresden see it the same way. There are also corresponding photos ... 😉 (..Gell Alex). The dealer tour is being watched very closely from Trollhättan, and I am proud to be able to say that other Saab national companies will adopt the concept from Saab boss Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher.

We set a mark in the world of Saab and after a week on the tour with the teams I believe that in the future more great ideas from Germany will come.

The night was short and I feel the felt 3000 kilometers of the last days in every bone. Which does not change my enthusiasm. Today is my (unfortunately) last tour day and after the appointment in Halle separate our ways at least in the short term.

Our today's dates:

Friday, 28.10.2011

10: 00 Clock Jolig, Leipzig

14: 00 Clock Hübner, hall

14: 00 Clock FOP Dortmund


6 thoughts on "Saab dealer tour 2011 dates at 28. October"

  • Hi,

    where is the report from Chemnitz? Or were you not there?


    • It's still coming! I write and write and write…. More is not possible. 😉

  • There are even small branches of the community ... 😉

    Join me ... it was very nice to get to know everyone!
    Have a good trip and see you the days ...

    and you Mark have fun redeeming your gift ... 🙂

    Greetings from the city of modernity!

  • Hey Tom;

    I can only agree with that. The Dresden SAAB community is something special. Many thanks for the nice evening to Tobias & Michael and the team of the Mobilforum, as well as to Jan-Philipp Schumacher and SAAB Germany.

    I'm looking forward to the 09.11. in FFM: o)

    LG and have a nice day & Have a good trip Mark

  • It was really great and it was once again nice to see how many saab drivers there are in the room around DD. 😉

    Thank you and have fun on your tour.

    Greetings Andreas

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